GOD gives us Fear

The moment we fell in love with the sound of our voice, we became estranged with GOD’s voice. It began to scare us, we began to run away. The manifestation of GOD became first magical and then mystical and then far from good to us.

The moment we became used to ourselves, we got strange from GOD. To be a stranger to your maker is how you begin to plot your own end.

Which is why, we are no longer used to talking to GOD and waiting for HIM to talk back. Humanity – on a broad margin – is very comfortable with a one-sided conversation of repetitions and pre-meditated expectations.

Those who have heard GOD know that HE is as dynamic as HE is unchanging. HE is GOD. What we can understand about GOD is that we cannot understand HIS Ways and Thoughts unless HE shows us a glimpse of what we can comprehend.

Can we comprehend GOD? NO.

Which is why we run because we run away from what we don’t understand when we have tried to decipher and failed to have a Pattern we can relate to. Which is why it’s very convenient to say there is no GOD for some because when they come face to face with the place of GOD, what and who they see isn’t what they expected. But the human expectations of GOD are a million and more steps lower than the average degradation process.

What we expect of GOD is sometimes sinful. What we hope of GOD is most times blasphemous. What our descriptions of GOD appear to be are sometimes incomplete and enclosed in what we can create which is the first problem: GOD cannot be created.

So the first time we got estranged from GOD was the beginning our end. But GOD is very busy trying to get closer to us. GOD is very interested in talking to every human; very interested in connecting with us as much as we can receive HIM.

HE knows that we don’t see HIM how we should because of sin(s) and our fleshy expectations so HE puts HIS fear in us so that we don’t sin. HE puts HIS fear in us so that HE can test our hearts. HE puts HIS fear as a sign that leads us right back to us.

No. Fear is not evil when GOD puts it. Where Fear comes from GOD, it draws us to GOD. Truth is, without fear, we cannot worship GOD, without fear we cannot understand what we should about the way GOD works with and in us.

HIS Fear is our garment of light to protect and cover our nakedness to edify and uphold our love for HIM.

When we are become estranged, it is only right that we once again welcome HIS Fear to point our weaknesses and draw us to the place of strength which is found only in GOD. Yes, GOD gives us HIS Fear so that we don’t get afraid to come before HIM.

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