Dear Ihngham,

We must always ask for mercy, really.

Mercy from GOD not to be left alone by HIM. Mercy from GOD not to be let alone; in that while we go astray, we are not brought back.

We must ask for mercy because that is the only certainty and assurance for our salvation – HIS mercies. How? It is that without GOD’s Mercies, we may burn in our fires of filth and be unaware and that without HIS mercies, HE could take away our consciousness to discern what is right and what is wrong.

Ihngham, if GOD leaves us, We live in vain.

All our lives are summed up into one statement: “to either please GOD and live in ease or to please ourselves and hope for release”. There is no middle ground, my dear.

Are you wondering why I suddenly tell you to ask for Mercy? Well it’s because I have seen when GOD turns HIS Mercies away and how desolate the human heart becomes; how desperate it becomes; how lost, it becomes; how empty; how weak; how monopolised it becomes; how torn into shreds it ends up. I’ve seen how the (hu)man can be without GOD and I’ll say it to you and anyone who reads this, that “the (hu)man without GOD is not (hu)man at all” because said-(hu)man is not living anymore.

My Ihngham, “we only know that we are” because GOD is with us; we only know how to live because GOD’s Mercies are with us. “We are” because GOD has mercy upon us.

So if GOD – GOD-forbid – leaves us to live on our own – merciless and in our weakness – we would be just as miserable as the definition of “having eyes and not being able to see”. While having life without GOD is a technical death, having a walk to GOD without HIS mercies is just as futile.

What we need, for us to see GOD, is GOD’s Mercies.

We can not please GOD until GOD – in all HIS Mercy – gives us grace to do so. Without GOD, we cannot see GOD. It is not by our abilities but by the mercy of GOD; both to will and to do.

Ihngham, sometimes, I am tired. Not because I do what is wrong but because GOD – HIMSELF – reminds me that what I do in those times is/are not by my making. I am best, gifted, when what I do is not from me. It is GOD who drives the car, sets in motion and flies in the air by HIS Will. To do GOD’s Work, we need GOD because it is – after all – HIS work.

So what do I know? I know that GOD – being very unseen except by HIS mercy, thrust upon us – is seen in what HE has made and done. In HIS Love to us; in HIS Grace, in HIS Mercy; in JESUS: living in us after been crucified, resurrected and alive as a testimony of the future of our sanctification.

Ihngham, I know that it is only by GOD’s Mercies that we can live in HIS Mercy. Amen.

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