How Life Can Die

What is deserving of death?

I’ll tell you. Doing what is dead. Only dead works are rewarded with death. Only workers of death receive death with gladness of heart. It is only death that can pay for the work of death. Death is given to that which is dead. Just as the dead must bury the dead, so, too, death takes only those who are dead, first.

Is this “death”, metaphorical?

Yes…at first. However, death grows from being a symbol and summary of desires to the actual state of what can be seen. From being a state of the soul to the fate the body. From being a pattern of thoughts to being the pattern guiding the “oughts” and actions; to the recall and memory of hurts which blind-fold the reason of the human from the heart-beat of GOD, sound in us. Death begins from a metaphor and progresses to the actual interpretation of the life of humanity.

So how can the human life be dead?

To have life without the life of life is death. The human life can achieve death by abandoning the ways of GOD, The MAKER.

How to say it without sounding like a boring and old sage?

Take the bullets from a gun. Empty the barrel of sweet wine. Pull the plug of the television or better still change the frequency to one without a channel or clear signal. The gun is still a gun even without bullets; the barrel remains a barrel even without wine: bitter or sweet; and the television is on, quite alright, but you and I know that if it continues to show the blank screen (though switched on), it is of no use. That’s what I mean.

The human can be just as alive as death can permit: living their lives, walking in the street, getting married, making money and being acclaimed but just as dead as death permits.

So what is the explanation of death?

The absence of GOD, the Thought of GOD or the righteous Stature of GOD. Take GOD out of life and whatever remains is death. Take the maker from the process of the making and the made, being made, is dead.

How can life deserve death?

You know the answer to this – better than I do. But let me say it; for you and for me. The life we live can deserve death when we do what we know we shouldn’t do. When we refuse to live based on the good knowledge of GOD guiding our (pure) hearts. When we ignore that our actions are as important as our breaths to sustain our lives or give up to death. When we act against our good consciences, when we think against GOD’s Way, when we move against what is right and then when we support what is wrong – even if we don’t do those wrongs – by saying nothing against what is wrong.

How about being tolerant?

And how about compromise? Let’s play a game, shall we? Here’s your skin and here is fire. Fire is not good for your skin – raw as it comes. Let’s be tolerant with fire as it moved over your skin. The pain shows its not meant to be but let’s be tolerant with fire and its effect – on your skin. Let’s not move your hand from the fire. Let your hand burn for peace-sake. Let’s encourage evil because we want peace. Let’s allow murder because we want life? That’s how it is. If we don’t speak against evil, act against evil and see to it that we don’t see evil eye-to-eye, we are just as evil as evil is. The wage of evil is the wage of the one who is not in opposition to evil. If you do not opposite evil, you are evil, too. And evil breeds death, brings deaths, pays evil with evil and death with death.

What is evil that brings death?

You want a list? Well let’s see…I’ll give you an abridged map by which you’ll find the rest: evil is made by:
The art of sexually perversion; those without GOD at heart before they think or do; those without love, also without law; those who reject humility and blaspheme at piety; the careless, the distrustful, opposition to the Constitution of truth both in heaven and upon the earth; those without forgiveness among those who often err; those who reject repentance (repentance: being the best way to seek divine forgiveness); those who reject mercy; among others alike…

My last words?

Well, I am not dying am I? Hehehe. What I can say, last, to keep these words of lasting effect is that GOD is not dead and dead things are anti-GOD and anti-CHRIST being anti-truth and only death can pay the wages of dead works. This validates why JESUS had to die and return to life afterwards because to take the human from death, death must be given to death. To give death to death is the only way to have life above death. The truth is, we can only have “life over death” by taking guidance (through pledging allegiance) from the way of JESUS CHRIST who gave death to death to give life to our lives.

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