What Worship Is

Worship is obedience; is allegiance; is surrender, in thinking, in action, in life; is love; is peace; is war, in sorrow to repentance; is sacrifice, in pain; is loyalty, in test or temptation to pass.
Worship is meekness fighting pride; is tears; is fear; is honour; is joy; is hope; is skin; is beauty; is surreal; is imagination; is GOD walking through man; is heartbeat and hell, being starved.

Worship is weakness made strong; is strength; is journey; is lifestyle – repeat, repeat, repeat. Worship is grace; is reprise; is regret outta way; is bleeding; is a smile; is surgery; is silence; is battle, to fight; is shout and MAKER, acknowledged; is made, processed.

Worship is creation; is light over darkness; is whole in the part; is pact that is holistic; is beginning; is end; is where we are; is where we shall be; is presence; is absence; is pretext, not pretense; is tense, in tension; is call; is duty; is role, to model; is form; is care, to core.

Worship is wind; is rain; is planting; is harvest; is a set of words; is the flight of shadows; is the migration of clouds, bursting in the glory of GOD; is you; is me, to GOD, amen.

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