Why We Don’t Communicate with GOD

About Communicating with (especially listening to) GOD and why we usually don’t:


We don’t because:
We know what we’ll hear
At least we think we have an idea


We don’t because:
We don’t want to hear GOD.
Especially if we would give up what we like for what we should love: GOD.


We don’t because:
Listening to ourselves – at the moment of rebellion – sounds great even if it’s unsound and grates us away from having a chance to be in soundness and be grateful.


We don’t because:
We don’t wait to learn the language. The language of GOD is HIS intention. We are unwilling to have equal intentions – with GOD – because only then can we equal the intent of GOD for us to speak. In most cases, it requires becoming different people from who we intend to be.


We don’t because:
We were not taught to; not told to. Just made to drop prayers like dropping a coin in the plate of a singing beggar. In this case, we should have been taught to wait and “listen to the beggar sing”.


We don’t because that would lead to repentance and if the enemy hates us, it also hates repentance – for us – just as more. It is one thing it cannot have so it determines that we shouldn’t have it, too.


We don’t because:
We are too busy (doing the wrong thing) to. Talking requires potency; listening requires patience. We usually love the idea of potency but not as much as patience.


We don’t because:
We disqualify ourselves of having any right to do

by: guilt, filth, wit to tilt
To: Lie, die, tie; that’s why.


We don’t comm. with GOD because we don’t come to GOD; we don’t let HIM draw us; we rather be blank in the name of purity; we rather be stark in the name of ignorance. We don’t come so we don’t communicate.

On communicating with GOD, these are why we don’t.

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