As GOD does

Who should rejoice that they are used by GOD? Only those who are used by GOD.

GOD uses those who can be used

It’s very dependent on GOD. As we are – part of GOD’sBondMan – dependent on GOD, it is dependent on GOD that we would be used for HIS Work.

It is GOD who chooses those who would be used by and of GOD.

Man may wish to be used but it is GOD who uses the man. Those who are in place to be used, are used by GOD.

GOD uses those who would be used.

These are those who have made up both their hearts and minds to be used by GOD – come what may or may not; these are they who are used.
Because GOD doesn’t strive, HE uses those who would be used. As HE chooses, HE uses.

GOD uses those who must be used

And there are those who have no choice (I believe I am one of such). Who have made GOD their choice; thus, what GOD says rules them all their days and who GOD says they shall be, they be as they shall, forever.
There are those who must and must they? Yes! Why? Because they were born to be used by GOD; nothing more – GOD’sBondMan like GOD’s Born in Man. Amen.

So why these categorizations? It’s for information – so we all know when we fall under: the part of GOD using us or the part that uses GOD. You know, you can be so knowledgeable and remain foolish if you use GOD to be what you want and not what GOD wants. You could be swimming in water (revelation of GOD’s Word) so deep only to realise that you’ve been floating in the shallow side the whole time. There is always more, with GOD, there is always a greater depth beyond what has been discovered. Which is why being in awe is better attitude than being too comfortable.

You see that phrase, “too comfortable”? Run away from it.

Bhai, how GOD does is GOD’s business and whom HE uses or how HE uses whomever HE uses is HIS, to make and ours to follow-through. Best resolve to make is the understanding that you don’t have a choice; GOD does. However, you have a decision to make: follow GOD’s Thought or don’t.
Mind you, GOD draws us to HIMSELF.

It is not by your power that you are just as obedience to GOD as you are obedient to GOD. Mark that one out.

It is GOD who draws those who would walk with HIM and work for GOD. Serving GOD is GOD’s to dictate and ours to follow.

Our greatest leadership is found in following GOD where HE goes and how HE goes to where HE goes.

And for prayer? We can pray for those who would go (because of honour) but we must pray to be sent – also for honour. GOD’s work is in motion, no static nature of GOD’s is void of motion and rotation of the honour of HIS kingdom.

(I’m putting this out here for those who understand, for those who want to understand and for those who would understand by the aid of those who, now, understand). Bless you.

That said, I have a few issues to spell out. One, of which I can remember now, is that GOD can kill you and me; kill our bodies, kill our ambitions, kill our desires (amen), kill our wrong thoughts and kill our unbelief (amen). If HE decides not to kill, fine; if HE does, take your last breath (in GOD), in good faith with GOD and men and follow through GOD’s choice by giving back the life you were given.


If GOD is GOD then nothing stops HIM from beginning and ending anything. Your perspective is as significant as your ability to create yourself. The truth is the truth is the truth is the limitless power and reach of GOD.

All we have is borrowed: life, purpose, Creed, truth; what we own is the inability to own what we borrow.

If this were not so, then we are divine, deity, and GOD; self-sufficient.

Last but not least in this fairly deep side of realisation is that nothing is beyond GOD’s reach of changing; no mind is above repentance, no man is above being saved again and again and again. Nothing is impossible when GOD is involved. If HE doesn’t do as we expect then we must expect to do only as HE does. What is man before GOD’s grand design?: fickle sand washed off from the beach, forever. While you yet breathe and live, here, do so to the honour of the ONE who gave grace for that which should be done to be done.


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