The Gain of My Loss

If I lose my name, if I lose my Fame, if I lose the pain, the joy, the aim or my shame. If I lose my throne or my anguish. If I lose the praise of men, the rays of hope, the trust; not truth, the beauty, the radiance, the wealth, the health, the isolated heartbeat, the lifetime of stories worth keeping in scrolls, the mark to make on human memories. If I lose my home, my car, my dream, my ambition, my sacrifice, my pay, my wage, my worth, my strength, my weakness, my glory, my reputation, my kin, my memory, my desire, my pleasure. If I lose my pride, my dawn, as it rises; my glimpse of eternal perfection, my beginnings, my end, my purpose, my everything. If I lose my religion; not my faith, my quest, my secrets, my spine, my anything. If I lose these things and many more – those I know and others I don’t know that I have – but gain CHRIST then I gain everything.

Everything I need is in CHRIST
Everything is in CHRIST
CHRIST has everything for me
CHRIST is everything to me
CHRIST is everything for me.

The Gain of My Loss is CHRIST

If I gain HIS word and lose the world, I have gained the world because it is by HIS Word that the World became and began.

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