Fulfilling The Law


Thank you for teaching me some words in Nativi. It helps to calm my anxiety, thank you.

Concerning your reading of the book of Romans, I trust that you are well underway – else you wouldn’t storm me with these questions. (Not that I’m complaining). I’ll address your concerns about the law and why Paul says what he says for the parts you’ve read.

Does Paul condemn the law? No.

To condemn the law, you’ll require a higher standard than what is being condemned but what is available (the higher standard) to be used is very dependent on the law being the way it is. Jew-get?

“In terms of being progressive, we must meticulously outline the progressions, we must indicate our progress, we must be careful to show how we go to where we are in order to understand where are going and why we need to go there”

He says “to the Jews, first”

…because they received the law as it is now, first; but the law has always been with humanity. There are those who, before CHRIST and outside the scope of the Jewish Civilization, lived by the dictates of their good consciences. They were blessed to have an innate witnessing of what is right and naught not. Consequently, they did what is in the law without knowing about the law. To them, they had grace to abide in the good place of judgement.

So are you condemned without the law? No.

Are you condemned away (i.e. without) from the law? No.

Condemnation requires the law to condemn or not; but Condemnation isn’t tied to having the law or not, it is determined by doing what is right or naught not. To have condemnation, there must be law to distinguish what is worth-condemning for or for what is not of condemnable reason. Jew-get?

But does knowledge of the law or possession of the law or the presence of the law wade off condemnation, alone? No.

So if you know the law and you don’t do what the law says, you’ll be punished – if the law is good, that is. Is there bad law or is there a bad portion of the (good) law? Well, if the law was made by man and written by man without inspiration or input from GOD, of the Law, then it would be void of good – assuming that the presence of a good conscience is absent.

“The only bad portions of a good law are based on the wrong perspectives of interpretation both to mislead and to orchestrate the desire to rebel against the good of the law”.

But the law shows us what we should or shouldn’t do; yet, it doesn’t show us how to overcome what it says we should overcome. It might say why (for the glory of GOD and the entity of humanity) but it doesn’t say how.

So how? By faith.

And faith is the substance we long for; it is intangible, it is without physical inference, it is GOD coming to us. Well, you see, faith is communion with GOD. It is having a relationship, whereby by GOD, we can be human, always. Our humanity is because of GOD’s divinity.

But, Mma, how does the law apply? To fulfil the Law, we need faith, the link between GOD and man so faith is JESUS: both High-Priest and Mediator, divine. (That is why our faith is in JESUS). To do what the law says how it should say why it says, we need JESUS – we need to follow JESUS who is the answer to how the law should be kept and fulfilled.

So…that said, to have JESUS, we need grace which JESUS gives to us. JESUS gives us grace, to fulfil HIS Work in us which completes the sphere of the law that preserves us. All the while, the Law has been pointing us to GOD through JESUS.

Without JESUS, we can’t fulfil the Law and without the Law, we cannot be as we were created to be.

So Paul says, and rightly so, the law comes to us by Grace to fulfil, by faith – which is given to us – by the grace in JESUS Christ. There has been no contradiction and neither is there a space for one.

Mma, that’s what it is for now. I’m still reading, too; tutor me where you can and greet Elekwachi (I’m sure he’s reading this right now, hehehe)


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