Seven Counts of Righteousness

On Seven Counts of Righteousness, faith was established:

“If life is against hope, I believe in hope and by right of righteous rebellion – from the world – I hope (even) in a hopeless place, thing or state”.

– like Abraham who, without means to have a child, believed the Words of GOD that a child would come from him.

“If reason gives reasons, no longer reasonable to the truth of creation and the ordination far greater than reason can phantom, I hope for more than reason can present because greater hope is greater than reason in all its greatness”.

– and like Abraham, what GOD promises is exactly what man cannot give – because GOD is not dependent on the abilities of men to do for and to men what HE would do. In fact, GOD is often in the habit of doing what only GOD can do.

“If dead ends seek to establish that “the end is dead”; if “no way” is the only way, available; if “nothing can work” can work nothing then I would hold on to that thing which is neither dependent on my past or present but is sufficient for my future; “what is to come” influences my stand for my understanding of what is and what was before me”.

– if all the banners of affirmation bear a flag that impossibility is all that is possible then I’ll seek a greater banner – GOD – not just for covering but for assurance that the purpose of my existence is more than what has happened, could happen or is happening but what has been ordained to happen. My resolve is to be under the authority of GOD whose authority is under no other Authority. Invariably, all is possible.

“If the LORD has promised a promise then I hold on to the promise which had been promised because the keeper of the promise and the giver of the promise has promised never to relent on the promises promised to me, by faith: given to me through my hope in faith by this promise”.

– GOD is able to promise and keep HIS promise and give His Promise and be HIS Promise; providing what man could not give man, to man and making uneasy roads easy by HIS Grace and for HIS Glory.

“To draw strength from faith and not have faith in my strength; to be of good cheer in the face of desolation and to be desolate not in face but in the lack of repentance. To be bold in all things spoken by GOD and refusing to relent in HIS WORD: recent or time-spent”.

– to live by the strength of faith, to be strong by faith, in faith and for the furtherance of faith. To be glad in all things: going my way or on my way, going. To take joy in GOD and from GOD.

“…because GOD would do what HE would do, I would do what I would do and even when I must do what I would do before GOD does what HE would do simply to see if I would do what I would do, then I would do what I would do because GOD would do what HE would do”.

– I’ll play my part and watch GOD play HIS part. Our parts would become a whole and this whole would be holistic and wholly complete. Completion is GOD and me doing what we should do to be in unity.

“What counts as righteousness is the faith I have – which was given to me, by Grace – that works my feet and hands to do what is good and what is right and what is compellingly righteous that proves – not by my good – but that “I am” because GOD, the I AM, works and walks through me and all that I am is because of all that HE is”.

– I exist because GOD exists. What counts as righteousness for me is that this grace which I have been given to live as GOD lives and wills me to live is all that produces righteousness for me to live. Therefore, righteousness is all (the ways) that GOD lives that I receive to live by.

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