What is the Inheritance?

The inheritance – for the new testament Christian and child of GOD, bound by love for GOD – is that man (meaning humanity, collectively) was made worthy, not by any worthy man-made duty or rite but, by the worth which is found in the result of love shown by GOD as grace through the media of faith in that to save man, GOD became man, lived as man, felt what man felt – and because only man must pay what man owes the principles and duty of balance in existence as a result of sin – died the way man should have died: disgracefully and shamefully without pity from the persecution or prosecutor; paying what man could not pay, to save man in the way man could not save man – either because man thought it was illogical or taught it was not possible – and showing man how man can be saved and stay saved.

This is the inheritance: that GOD saved man by a means deemed impossible to illustrate that it’s not about the means but about the person who uses the means.

This is the inheritance: that after salvation (just as every reward requires responsibility to be rewarded) our roles in redemption is to follow the saviour from an unsaved potion of life to a saved portion in life, to live by faith (which is obedience to GOD) by following what GOD says.

This is the Inheritance: that from Abraham, we have learnt that the invisible GOD is made visible to those whose willing minds and eager eyes see the full stature of grace and follow it to its end (purpose) and at its end (finishing); we are assured that it is unending and infinite.

This is the inheritance: that CHRIST is my buffer; that the very definition of “limitless” limits me; that the very example of freedom is my only limitation; that the only face of GOD to man should be my only reflection; that I should be a mirror to GOD as mirror to me and only without a stainless surface do I truly reflect the truth and only if my surface is cleaned can my image be cleaned so GOD – in all beauty – cleaned my surface.

This is the inheritance: that all the prophecies were summed up in one moment, “you are the CHRIST…”; that all promises were fulfilled in that moment, “…the Son of the Living GOD”; that all the love of the divine GOD was consummated in this moment, “flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you but My FATHER”.

This is the inheritance: that GOD is revealed to us, then revealed through us, and revealed from us to be reveled in us.

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