The Receipt For a Debt-Free Life

Our debt was to be our death – give or take. It’s amazing that we have been saved from death, the kind that doesn’t promote our lives in GOD, yet our flesh causes us to long for it. Well, “amazing” is not the word to use; perhaps, stunning or shameful.

Please, follow me for a moment:

Is it logically correct to be saved by someone from a consequence as grave as death but refuse to be thankful because it was so long ago? No.

Is it moral to refute that humanity, without divine intervention, is innately evil and desperately volatile to be evil, continually? No.

Is it righteous to say that we are – by our own (unrighteous) power – righteous? No.

Is it proper to assert that, without GOD, humanity can breathe? No.

Is it true to say that we are not inwardly in touch with sin – our former taskmaster – when we do the things which sin bids us to do? No. Yes.

“The only great slavery is being under the command of sin whose only path and destination is death. Truly, death is the point of no return”

Before CHRIST (BC) our existence was tied to one link of payment: to live for the sake of death but after the death and life of CHRIST was completed and HIS Being ascended from whence HE came, our payment – by right and rite of salvation – is to die (to sin) for the sake of life (in eternity). If not for JESUS CHRIST binding hell into submission, we would be legally binding to die for all eternity.


Because a debt is a debt is a debt in every depth is a debt until it is paid in death as the end of all debt.

If this doesn’t give a precious image for reason to give allegiance by gratitude, we should apply this to human life:

If you saved someone from all their debts and showed them “how not to owe”, anymore but they decided to owe – being so much in love with debts – would you accept their act as wise, appropriate or the right thing to be done?

Go on…answer…

“If you were given freedom but found yourself choosing captivity, would it be expedience to affirm your judgement to be sound?”


Salvation is a transaction and although we cannot buy faith, faith bought us free and we can offer ourselves as testaments for this transaction: from debt and death to freedom in the kingdom of GOD.

SO how are we sure the payment was settled and what is our proof that we can now rightly reprove?

Our receipt is that we can stand up to deceit and reject it without compulsion; we can see sin for what it truly is and decide to refuse it. We can shame evil by doing good, we can denounce hate and walk in love – even the same kind of love that caused GOD to save us at all cost necessary; so that until our debt was fully paid, there was no resurrection and until we could now access justification beyond wasteful pontification, JESUS didn’t leave hell and until sin had no power unless it is given by those who it hopes to afflict, JESUS did not leave death. And a three day period – not just to fulfil prophecies and lay foundation for the gospel – was an act of binding: a three cord bond finalisation to certify that this was binding forever. By binding hell and setting the adversary in its place, heaven won and hell was no more one with humanity.

Until the debt was paid and death laid in state, isolated, JESUS was not to be glorified. But seeing that the glorification of JESUS is found – not just in heaven but on Earth – we can be assured, without doubt, that all debts are paid and we can live – debt-free – as long as we do not go on acquiring more debts by living in sin (which demands for our lives) we cannot pay for.

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