Bond 200

I am glad to face opposition for my right position of CHRIST. I’m honoured to be fought for all the true things which I have been taught by CHRIST. I’m grateful to suffer for the purpose of CHRIST; to be mocked because I live like CHRIST, and live for CHRIST; to be rejected for my belief in CHRIST, to be angered for my the course of CHRIST. I’m not afraid to lose my peace for the Prince of Peace because even in a situation of distress, my comfort rests on the very truth that HE is my peace and for this, my peace is never lost, it is stronger than the pleasures of my feeble and dusty self.

My weakness is strength, my pain brings hope, my broken trust is a gift to thrust all I have in GOD who neither breaks hopes or takes trust away. My wound is my armour, my injury is victory; if I am persecuted, my joy is elevated. For the cause of CHRIST is to be preached to all men saying, “…that GOD can be reached by all men” and I’m assured that only lies fight the truth of GOD and the utterance of HIS reconciliation gospel.

My shame is healing, my guilt is a compass; my morality is filth until HIS morality is fulfilled in me. I glory only in trial, my boast is found in that – like my master – I am unwanted of men to be accepted by GOD; that I am unwanted by others because I am accepted by GOD. I count my hardship as nutrient(s) for my eternal strength, my hurt as markers for my eternal testimony. If my failure to men is success before GOD, I am blessed both before GOD and all of existence.

This turbulent wind prepares me, this brokenness builds me, this evil shows me to be good, this anger pacifies me, all these downsides keep my eyes upward to GOD. These desolate places show me the value of HIS resolute grace. Am I afraid? Then my fear is my bonding cord to GOD. Am I alone? Then I have found companion in The HOLY-SPIRIT. Am I devastated? Then it is HIS KINGDOM that must be re-instated. Am I down? Then GOD must be lifted up.

My hope is juiced and my joy is fulfilled because of the love of GOD over me and for me; and the love of GOD is greater than the love of men so that it endures even longer than men endure and this true love which I have found feeds me in hunger and cloths me in nakedness and gives me direction for lost days and is with me when no human is, and speaks to me when I need to hear and speaks for me when I am not here. It is GOD who gives me strength to be who I need to be: from stray servant to son-in-adoption. If I am wise, it is because GOD is wisdom

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