No Need for Salvation

Let’s walk around in circles since the earth does the same thing, rotating.

Is there a need for salvation?

Yes. Much like a man sinking in quick sand, our humanity is as quick as it is sand. Dust and decorated by various indicators all leading to one gruesome repetition of Lust and desire. Everything, we do by ourselves and for ourselves, leads to one thing: satisfaction of our sinking nature. I know it’s sinking because our standards are inconsistent with morality and bent when unsuitable to provide pleasure. If truth is against our comfort then we are discomforted by truth. That’s descent. That is not morality if it doesn’t answer to truth and truth is not truth if it can end and cease to be. Truth is truth when it survives the attack of lies. In fact truth is that which never dies and that’s why I also affirm that there is no better replication of truth than GOD. GOD is truth – in the purest form of truth. So is there a need to be saved from these drench which is the absence of truth? Yes.

What do we need salvation from?

First, from death because all dead things cannot experience life and death cannot know. But to be saved from death, we must be saved from the producer of death which is sin yet sin is not solely its activities but the very intent to be separated from truth and the reason for existence. I reckon we need to be saved from being influenced by sin but most importantly – judging by the fact that sin could be on its own and never indulged even through its enticement – we need to be saved from ourselves: from our choices, from our hopes which end in hopelessness, from our rooted enmity with who we should be, from our weaknesses and how we are too weak to call them that…weaknesses… We’ve always needed to be saved from who became when we neglected truth.

Why is there salvation (available) for those who don’t want to be saved?

If you don’t know you are sinking, you wouldn’t want to be helped out. Until you realise that your life – as you know it – is purely death and your desires are worthless since they answer to fire as much as they are vane and cannot live beyond the earth, you don’t see the need to be saved from these natures. Until you see that you need to be saved from opposing your salvation, it doesn’t make sense to be saved. Until the sinking man accepts a hand – stretched to pull him out – he would not be pulled towards safety. If he could help himself, without others, he wouldn’t be sinking in the first place


But salvation is perhaps not sensible until you understand it. Until you understand it as forgiveness; as second…third…fourth chance; as reconciliation; as restoration; as “neo-life”; as fighting death and dead things; as turning away from these things which made us turn away from GOD. Until we see salvation as getting out of the pit, we don’t see it for the true value it really is.

So how can we see salvation?

Don’t expect a list. You know that your expectations are very unlikely to be true. If human expectations were near truth, JESUS would be the revolutionist who brings down the Roman empire – because then, that was what salvation was expected to be: freedom of the weak man a stronger man. I believe we see salvation when the HOLY SPIRIT graciously shows us, when we are open to it, when we are no more comfortable with being unworthy, when grace meets us, when GOD loves us (not that HE hated us but that we never understood HIS Love, as much), when we love GOD, when Godly sorrow and reason meet our intellects, rightly. We see salvation after salvation has seen us.

So are there those who don’t need salvation?

Everyone needs to be saved. To think that you don’t need salvation would be synonymous with “you don’t need life” because salvation is the restoration of the edict of life. No need for salvation is also no need for existence, no need for existence is death. That’s folly, if slated as a choice.

The good man doesn’t need salvation…

…but is the good man, good? Who sets the standard for his good? How is he good? What makes him good? What’s the definition of good and how does he live by this good? Is he without bad, a good man?

Is the righteous man in no need for salvation? What is his righteousness and how much does it cost? Is it powerful enough to save him? Who determines him righteous? What is righteousness in man?

If you answer those questions without finding your way back to divinity, the need for help or the affirmation that we cannot be…by ourselves, then, even your evaluation requires salvation.

The only wise one, the only one righteous, the only LORD over all, the only one who can lord over all things and ones, the only one without need for salvation is the salvation we all need. The only way to affirm that you don’t need salvation is if you can be the salvation of another. If you can give life to another person then you don’t need to be saved. You’ll realise that all those who have been created need salvation because salvation is life.

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