EXODUS BY BUS: Nwamarachi Imo

Fifth Passenger on-board EXODUS BY BUS

Nwamarachi Imo in Babcock University.

Here is Her Salvation Story:

Each time I was asked questions about when I was converted or when I  gave my life to Christ, I wondered if I had any story of a specific time  when I gave my life to Christ. Truth is, I don't. 

I was born into a churchgoing Christian home, to loving yet strict parents but I think the devil must have had his eyes on me because he knew the greatness God has placed in me. So somehow, I found a way to stray, several ways if I may say.

Severally, I found myself in situations that I knew no possible way out of, and God always found a way to cover me with His grace. The climax was in my 2nd year in the university. I was in a Christian university and so I heard the word of God everywhere, even when I didn’t want to listen. However, I gradually began to hear God speak to me. I think He’d been speaking all along but I finally felt a need to listen. It was not dramatic though, just through simple thoughts.


At the point when I was in that situation when I thought I’d hit rock bottom, I heard Him speak again, and what he said was the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear. I knew that the repercussions of what He asked me to do would not be favourable but He was my only hope (as in, last resort), so I did as I was told. I was scared to my marrow and my faith was wavering, but I just did and afterwards, I felt a peace that I couldn’t explain.

– Nwamarachi

Believe me when I say there was no way out, but suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a way, a well paved way. It felt surreal. That was the beginning of the change, my exodus by bus. I felt everything I had ever heard about God come alive to me. He was no longer God, he was “my God”. We had our own way of reaching each other, it was truly like having a father.

My name translated to English means “child of God’s grace”, and I can say that I’ve truly witnessed God’s amazing grace. I’m still on my journey and I can say that it gets rough sometimes but I also know that I have enjoyed every step of the way and I’m loving the person God is making me into.
I hope my story encourages someone, at least to know that with God, you definitely have a chance.


Thank you for reading this Salvation story. I believe you have been blessed and encouraged.

If you would like to share your Salvation Story as a means to encourage others in the faith, kindly do so by visiting this page and following the instructions there. We would love to have your story on our platform. Until the Bus Stops by again with another story, have a beautiful day ahead.

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