The Best Way To Hear GOD: 7 Surface Annotations to be Read

Dear who(ever),

The best way to hear GOD is to hear no one else.

To hear nothing else; not problems (because they can be solved by the Voice of GOD), not confusion (because confusion is the entertainment of duality of purpose), not self (for self knows nothing); not knowledge higher than the knowledge of GOD (placed by you), not pain (for pain is not the end of the journey but a reminder of the journey of perfection), not gain (when it is so much), not anguish, not lack of a name (identity and the like of it), not shame (or disgrace), not pain, again; not hope (when it is not present for hope is never present except accomplished), not hate (when it is not absent), not desire, not love (when it gets you lost), not things high or things below. Nothing. Nothing and no one but GOD.

To hear GOD, you must want to.

You must want to – not because you want to, alone, but because you have to – because the silence of GOD, the absence of GOD, the darkness away from GOD is death and dying and dead.

The best way to hear GOD talk is to shut up.

Shut your mouth, shut your ears to the world, shut your eyes to those things you would have desired, to sight (because we walk by faith; not sight and without faith, we cannot please GOD), to night (for our goal is unadulterated light), to fright. Shut up: to the possibilities of impossibilities. Just…shut up. Let self be silent; let everyone and everything be silent before GOD, Amen.

The best way to hear GOD speak to you is to speak first.

Sounds like a contradiction but beyond the context:
Shout above the noise, move closer till that “still small voice” is a loud Echo. You know that voice? It’s been still because it’s steady but it’s small because we either cover it under our beds or we are too far from it. The best way is to listen; but to listen, we must move closer. To hear GOD, you need to move closer to GOD – not by physical measurement but by the measure of GOD meant for the relationship fit for father and child.

The best way to hear GOD is to believe.

To believe that GOD can speak; is to believe that GOD can be heard and then to make it possible for GOD to be heard. Is it in your power? No. It is in your consecration of every hour.

For GOD to be heard, HE must be head.

For GOD must be head over you and your affairs and not tail or simply a tale to be told but not believed and lived by.

For GOD to be heard; your life would be spared.

The best way to hear GOD is to embrace silence as a language meant for those who believe in perception. To ignore the dead things of the world for the living word of GOD.

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