What do we say to (the) GOD of Life?: 5 Things we should not say GOD


What do we say to (the) GOD of Life?

“not today…”

Because for us (we think) there would (always) be tomorrow. We keep GOD in tomorrow. We seem to be always busy, doing something that isn’t after and about GOD, today. When it comes to GOD and the affairs of GOD, most times, we are not induced – we don’t care; if we are not compelled we don’t act; we don’t act because we don’t (truly) love GOD; We Don’t love GOD because we are in love with something and someone else placed above our love for GOD. Sometimes, we want to be compelled to love GOD but there can be no love where there is compulsion, GOD knows that. That’s why GOD doesn’t force.


What do we say to (the) GOD of Life?

“What today?” i.e. “What (again) today?”

We say this to repel HIM. We say this because we wish to live on our own – rebel. We say this to live outside the confines of life. We say this because we choose death and dead things and dying in the guise of living. We ask this because we refuse to do anything that is said by GOD. When we say this to (the) GOD of Life, we present our wish of rejection to HIS Salvation of us from our wrong notions and choices.


What do we say to (the) GOD of Life?

“But today…”

But today…we have plans. But today we cannot fit YOU into our plans; but today YOU don’t fit into our scope of life; but today YOU are boring; but today, YOU are not fun; but today we’ll rather be away from you; but today YOU are not progressive with the trends; but today…we would rather fight whatever YOU bring; but today, we would rather reject YOU and slowly eject YOU from our memories by inputting what we want to remember about a life we didn’t create nor do we own…but today…we say nothing to GOD.


What do we say to (the) GOD of Life?

“I fought today…”

I fought today.
I fought.

Today we say a lot about our powers to survive, today we praise ourselves for keeping ourselves safe. Today we say a lot about what we do to be who we are; today we give exegeses on our struggles, we acknowledge that we are because we are because we are; today “we fought”. We say this because even when we don’t want to, we know that we live by battles and struggles and enmity but life gotten by these means would go by these means. It could be better.


What do we say to (the) GOD of Life?

“Rot today”!

We say we don’t care if HE exists; we say we don’t want to be bothered; we say we wish HE could die; we say we wish HE would be forgotten; we say these things then we go on to do them. We forget GOD and remember only when we cannot but afford to; we hope that GOD diminishes in us; that GOD’s nature diminishes in us; we hope that those who promote the ideals of GOD are hated by the world or worse fail; we long to see a world without GOD even though we don’t publicly say so. We say to (the) GOD of Life, “we can and so we would and you shouldn’t stop us but before you do, we’ll do what we want to do”. We say this to banish GOD from our thoughts, our thinking, our living, our lives.

Which is yours?

Additional Notes:

The first is Procrastination

This is most common with those who have not experienced the urgency in the need to spend as much time with GOD as they live because in GOD is life and it is only by GOD that we can have life even after death.

The second is Rebellion

Displayed by the desire to stand on your own, to be away from GOD, to embrace anything away from GOD, to declare support for the absence of GOD (HIS LAW, AUTHORITY and LIFE) because that is what gives comfort to the weakness and desires of death in our fleshes.

The third is Rejection

This is not just to reject GOD but to replace GOD with anything which isn’t GOD’s. Mostly done by those who seem to have a picture of their lives without consulting GOD on how to live.

The fourth is Self-Reliance

This involves banking on your power and ability to live a life that was given and would be taken. This Category takes it upon themselves to let GOD know that they choose themselves and their worldview of life over GOD’s (which is THE worldview of Life).

The fifth is Hatred

these people would wish the GOD of Life died. So they go on to kill GOD by forgetting about GOD ( at least trying to seeing that we are reminded of GOD by being alive), by ignoring everything about GOD in hopes of isolating GOD from their lives in the name of being free – whereas the true freedom from damnation is in GOD.

What is Yours?

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