Why I Cannot Save Myself and Neither Can You

My body is carcass, empty.

All that my body desires is death. All that my body longs to have is its own death: it begins from life, it lives to death and leaves for death. It is led by dead things towards death: a scavenger hunt, searching for the answer to its own demise.

My body is its own end, the only purpose of my body is to be an end, end itself, end all that concerns it, to be ended, to end.

So, tell me, should I live by the command of my body, by what it feels, by what it sees, by what it believes by itself, by what it seems to understand, by what it drives me to have, by what it desires, or by what it wishes for itself?


My body has condemned itself; so that even when it seeks to redeem itself by itself from itself, it has duly condemned itself by itself.

The only language of liberation written by my senses and spoken by my body is to die. The only course of freedom is to cease to exist, the only hope of my body is to fight life within it. Where my body has life, it seeks to kill. My body declares that, daily, it is undeserving of itself: as a miracle, as a work of creation, as a reminder of the CREATOR, as an emissary of the earth, as an extension of the nature of existence, as a full-representation of the works to righteousness without the work of righteousness. My body is a law to itself.

Is all law right?


When the law of GOD is made to work through my body, it is made weak.

Every week, a new battle is raged over where the strength of my body is. My flesh is wicked, my body is sick, my rage is a lie, my anguish is my desire. When my body, earthly host, seeks to do the things of GOD the way it wants to, it makes GOD appear wicked, weak or wild to repentance.

My body is its enemy and only from itself can it be saved.

My body needs to be saved, my body is not the saviour of itself. Only those who need no salvation can save, only THE ONE who gives salvation is the saviour of the body. If the body needs salvation, it cannot give salvation.

Is my body the solution to its problems?


So because sin is sewn deep into my body and my body is drenched in itself; because sin is weakness and my body is weak; because my body is doomed because it was made that way; because my body made itself subjective to the trail of sin and weakness by its love for death; because my body cannot save itself; because my body needs salvation; because my body is half-flesh and half-sin; because my body is judged by the existence of my body; because my body didn’t agree with life since life is every moment of salvation from death; because my body is a broken compass to an eternal end of peace; because my body is – by itself – unworthy to behold the mystery of GOD, I cannot walk by it or work for it or work towards it.

Should I give my body absolution by follow its ways?


My body is physical, terrestrial, lethal, a leading end leading to its own end.

If I should not walk by my body and its desires seeing that they clearly lead to an end which is not salvation by repentance to eternal peace, I would walk the to other way. If my body goes right, I’ll go left; whatever is left to be addressed, would be addressed. If my body wants, then I refuse the want: cravings, hope, desires, memories, guts, belief. All the body wants to embed itself, comfortably, to it’s damnation of flesh and blood (to perish before GOD) is the direct opposite that I need to do to be aligned to salvation.

Should I walk in the spirit and not the body?


I am My Body. Every metre of flesh and acre of skin, every measure of desire and pressure to sin; every point of hatred for love and longing to evil; every longing of the flesh and shortcoming to perish. I am my body. I am empty; I am my enemy and I am my body. I cannot save myself – from myself – by myself.

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