How to be an Enemy of GOD

Does GOD have an enemy or enemies?


If yes, Did GOD make His enemies?

Yes, all of them.

Are the enemies of GOD conscious of their enmity?

Yes. It is because they are conscious away from GOD that there is enmity. Consciousness outside GOD is enmity to consciousness by consciousness.

Who is the enemy of GOD?

Is? Pff. the enemy of GOD is a party, a troupe, a group, a battalion, a legion – many voices, many heads, many hearts, many hopes, many thoughts (contrary in nature) many…many….many…not one. Apparently, it’s more than one (person) who has rejected to be one with GOD.

So how would you describe enmity with GOD?

It’s like…

Committing Treason in the Name of Reason.

In this case, treason is the betrayal of the standard of life (found only in and by GOD) which was entrusted to you. It would involve an attempt – or several like this – to take-over the authority of GOD over you by declaring autonomy from GOD and independence on the earth. Sometimes, autonomy is declared by refusal to submit to the Will of GOD; sometimes, it is declared by the refusal to know the Will of GOD; sometimes, it’s declared by refusing the existence of GOD (even if you are the most authoritative proof of this); sometimes, it is declared by the refusal to take life for the sake of life; declared by refusing life; declared by a simple declaration of “I hate You”.

The following are various forms of enmity with GOD:

The enemy of the state Faith

This enemy is against belief – which is the estate of humanity to GOD. No human can access GOD – within or without – without faith. Without faith, GOD is invisible, again, unseen, unreachable. Without faith, GOD Is only an idea and ideas are what they are…ideas. Faith gives us grant to experience the form of GOD, the frame of HIS Thoughts, the “skin” of HIS Love. So this enemy is against the Belief in GOD, the belief in HIS Son, the belief in HIS spirit, holy and present in all ways and places, this enemy fights against accepting the power of redemption, the fruit of resurrection and eternal life by living in the constructs of GOD’s Word and Voice. This enemy fights GOD by denunciation even in the face of GOD.

The enemy of the Fate

This enemy is in disagreement with the Final outcomes of Creation: in disagreement with death as an instrument of life, in disagreement with life after death is done, in disagreement with consequence after judgement, in disagreement with the judgement of the heart beyond the works of the flesh; in disagreement with the power (of GOD) to align sequences to be. This enemy is in disagreement with the outcomes of life as allowed by GOD and orchestrated by GOD. This enemy diss-agrees with the Works of GOD in the realms of life.

The enemy of the Slate

This enemy (numerous beyond the sands of the sea) is in discontentment with the written edicts of GOD, with the records of GOD’s shouts and whispers, with the documentation of GOD’s Word which is the rock broken to pieces but remaining through time. GOD’s Word (and HIS Ward) never dies and that is what angers this enemy above all.

The enemy of the Wait

This enemy denies the truth that humanity should wait for GOD before we do whatever we do. This enemy fights this so much. Hates dependence, fights it for independence. This enemy is not happy with a life of doing nothing until GOD happens…but above all, this enemy is not content with anticipating the Kingdom of heaven or the coming of the SON of GOD as a triumphant Prince of Peace over all life.

Which is yours?

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