Practise of Faith: the Mirror Effect

Principle: “…do as HE does to be as HE is”

Faith is a verb and our work is faith:

If I do this with HIM, I’ll receive this with HIM.

If I die with HIM, I’ll live with HIM.

If I live for HIM, Ill leave with HIM.

If I’m in love with HIM (JESUS), I’ll be loved by HIM.

If I persevere with HIM; I’ll be preserved by HIM.

Faith is a-motion and our walk is faith:

If I do this as HE; I’ll be this as HE.

If I live only by GOD’s Voice, I’ll Excel like HE did.

If I please GOD as HE did, I’ll have pleasure of life as HE does.

If I live life as HE did; I’ll be alive as HE is.

If I believe (as believing the truth) just like HIM, I’ll be unstoppable for the sake of truth.

If I have life like HIM, I’ll not die or stay dead – just like HIM (victorious over death).

If I trust GOD as HE did (even to the point of shameful death), I’ll be glorified just as HE was.

If I forsake my dignity for the course of HIS name, I’ll reign in glory with HIS Authority over shame.

Faith is emotion and the power of life is faith:

If I have passion for HIS work, HE’ll have compassion on me.

If I present myself a sacrifice for HIS standard of life, HE would raise a standard for my life; HE would raise my life to standard.

If I stand for HIM (being the truth of life), HE would grant me understanding beyond the confines of time.

If I am loyal to HIS nature, HE’ll cause nature to be loyal to me

Faith is salvation and adoption is by faith:

If I listen to GOD, HE would listen to me.

If I believe in GOD, HE would live in me.

If I leave the world for a glimpse of HIS Word, HE would weave the world as a crypt by HIS Word.

If I do what GOD does, HE would do what HE would do.

If I see what GOD sees, HE would see to it that I am shut-off from sin.

If all the pieces of my life are broken and unrepairable for the sake of HIS Gospel; HE would salvage me with the dividend of HIS Salvation.

If I abandon worry for GOD’s journey, HE would journey with me, I have no worry.

If all I have is gone for all I’ve got in HIM, HE has got me securely even when life itself is gone.

This is the mirror effect:

If I am crucified like JESUS by a world so unbelieving, I’m reassured to be resurrected like JESUS into greater heights of belief.

If faith is all I have, then all I have is faith…

If all I’ll have is GOD then GOD is all I’ll need to have.

If JESUS says, “peace be still”; please, I’ll be still.

If JESUS says, “…rise and walk”; I’ll walk into the rise of the sun.

If JESUS says, “…your sins are forgiven” then I have forgiveness of sin.

If JESUS died, then I am alive.

If JESUS is alive, then I have life, even more.

If JESUS is, then I am.

Since JESUS is, I am HIS.

Since JESUS is, and HE is GOD then I am HIS.

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