There is War

There is War
(Because) There is more

The Battle of Knowledge

There is war for the desire to know and the battle because of what we know: the battle between what we know and what we should know, the battle between what we know and what we don’t know, the battle by rejection of knowledge, the battle in knowledge, the battle we have with knowledge; the battle where knowledge is the weapon and understanding is the victory or defeat; the battle of endless outcome, every day, this war rages.

There is war: in little moments (when) we fight ignorance, fight for ignorance, or fight with ignorance.

What is the gain?

Knowledge by knowledge: who is right, who is wrong, how are they right or wrong and what is there for me? What is right, what is wrong and how do these make me?

In this battle, there is a strife for the knowledge of the world versus the knowledge of GOD.

The knowledge of GOD is a peaceable state which even in contrite warfare remains meek, giving and taking only from itself.

You must be conscious when this war begins, where it begins, and be affirmative to let this war end in knowledge and nothing less.

What do you know? Is it what GOD said or what was said by a strange source to your creation? Remember that every time, a strange voice is listened to, there is always a fall.

Therefore, there is war because there is more and so for every moment when there is more to know and more to say, “no” to, there is war: to know or to say, “no” to know-ing. To knowingly know or to knowingly reject the knowledge. The war of knowledge is all around you as a test before GOD and you only excel in the standards of heaven when you knowingly say, “no” to any knowledge against the knowledge of GOD – which is the knowledge of creation for peace both for the soul and the mortal body, living.

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