There is War 2

There is war
(Deep) In the core

The Battle of Secrets

There is the war of secret: the ones we keep, the ones we know and the others we don’t know. In this war, we fight for secrets, fight with secrets, fight because of secrets, fight by secrets, we are secrets of the war, secret to the war. Sometimes, the war is the secret however, the war of secrets cannot be hidden from us.

These secrets are our thoughts, our intentions – those things which propel us to do what we do, those things which motivate us to fight death by living.

The war of secrets is visible even in obscurity yet GOD knows all our secrets and even those we have forgotten. GOD hears them in our hearts, GOD bears them in every part of our speech and action. It is by this war that we rage or we are at peace. It is by this war that we are made weak or strengthened. It is this war that rages because we are between two intentions. Sometimes, we do what is right for the wrong hopes and reasons: such that on one end, there are the good deeds and on the other there are the secret evil designs and intentions.

Life is because of wars, make no mistakes.

There is war
Or life is a bore

There is war everywhere. In the presence of peace, there is war for more peace, in the presence of hope, there is war for more hope, in the presence of lack, there is war about lack and how much lack there should be.

There is war on the outside and war everywhere else but the war from within is the greatest of all.

It is because of the war within that we have wars on the outside. In the war, within us, there are greater battles: what to think and in what to sink; why we blink and what it brings.
There is war: in our thoughts, in what we know and in what we do not say that we know. There is war.

There is war
So know what it’s for

There is war for longing, war because of belonging, war to be long, war to fall short. War. There is a war to know GOD Or not; there is a war to offer secrets to GOD or not. There is a war for every decision we take and sometimes, enthroning GOD over everything wins the war; sometimes, it begins the war but there are wars because we must be reminded that we are incomplete without GOD but complete wit(h) GOD.

The Christian war is not a war for blood and bone, or of flesh neither is it a war of the body but a war that the bloody body of flesh and bone may not dictate life; rather that the Will of GOD over them all be done as we have surrendered.

In the Christian war, surrendering is how to claim victory.

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