There is war 3

There is war
(To) open the door

The Battle of Acceptance

This war is as old as you are, as old as your consciousness, as old as your ability to bend and turn to the way of age and life.

It is as old as time, as old as the end of time.

It is the war of decision and inner turbulence. The goal of this war is to present before you an array of options: of who you are and who you should be, of what you are and what you should be, of where you are and where you ought not to be, of when it is yours to be or when it is just naught to be.

This battle presents why you are – whether you accept this or not is the war.

Sometimes, what we have to decision from is hell and more hell. This war agitates that you accept or reject. It is the war in which victory is the act of rejection or the art of acceptance.

Do you accept what you are and who you are made to be? Do you accept how you can accept? The war is acceptance. What are you accepting? On what authority is your acceptance, made? That is the war.

For the Christian, do you accept GOD, do you accept the authority of GOD? Do you accept the Will of GOD over your life? Do you accept your life as an offering through which GOD is manifested to the world? Do you accept JESUS, do you accept sin and the power of JESUS – to save – over sin? Do you accept the lies of the world and equally what lies ahead for a world of lies? Is your acceptance the truth, is it true? This is the war.

This war tears you up, don’t be deceived. When it comes to accepting truth, it recreates you, it renews you, it reverbs you, it recalls – to you – the essence of life. It is war and it is life. There is life only because of this war.

And for this, life, there is war.

There is war for you and war in you. Accept the war in you so you can fight and win it.

There is war among (your) members, war in the body, war for what to be listened to and what to be spoken to. Wars of peace and wars of pieces stalked against themselves. There is war where we are and war where we are not. War that we are and war that we are not who we should be. There is war for recognition, war for absolution, war for hate, war for love.

There is war for everything; nothing is without opposition, nothing is without disagreement so that even disagreements have no agreements of their levels disagreements. If we don’t see the wars, it doesn’t say that there are no wars.

There are wars: wars we cannot see when we look and wars we look at but see nothing about them. Wars.

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