There is war 4

There is war
(Chiefly) Over the law

The Battle of Obedience

Unlike others before it, this is the war of the throne – for the throne. The war for the mind, of the mind, the war for allegiance; the war by the mind. It is the war of wills, the war which wills life to become as life becomes. If this war is fought, when this war is fought, life happens. Life happens because this war has been fought: won or lost; but life happens after this war. The outcome of this war determines life. You must fight this war – whether you fight this war: win or lose by non-participation, the war happens and by this war, life happens (I say again).

The soldiers of this war are thoughts and the thoughts of this war are conquest or conquering. If you abstain perchance by ignorance or apathy, the war would not wait: thinking waits for no man, all men think; thoughts wait for no woman; all women have thoughts. All thinking produces thoughts; thoughts beget thinking and the cycle continues. This is the cycle of life.

The Cycle of Life

It is the war of what you think and how you think what you think.


Because by thinking you build the pillars to obey.


There is no obedience without a thought to obey and thinking to process the thought. The thought is the order, the law, the imperative, the process and thinking is…invariably the obedience…the first one in line at least.

“Every Law is a Thought”

For the Christian, “thinking on the pure and expedient things, on the experience of salvation, on the manifolds of gratitude, on the spice of hope in life without death, on the Will of the CREATOR, on the course of creation, on the peace of JESUS: both that which HE leaves and that which HE gives, on the need to stretch out hands to the dying and living, on the search for sheep number 100 (who needs to find their way home to GOD), on the joys of repentance and acceptance, on fleshy thoughts dying, on hate coming to terms with love” are all obedience GOD.
We begin to obey GOD by thinking about GOD, in everything and then about the thoughts of GOD for everything. When we do this, and sincerely follow through with where the thoughts lead – actions – our war is won seeing that obedience is given unto GOD.

Is there obedience outside obedience to GOD?

Yes but I have run out of allowance to discuss that. Life is a better war when I keep it simply on the appropriate side: no need learning how to fight on two sides here. The best way to avoid the other side is to stick to this mentioned side.


“…and the thought of GOD is that all (wo)men would be brought to the feet of repentance, all (wo)men brought to the fleet of acceptance of the person through whom – alone – repentance is made possible: the person of JESUS, the CHRIST for all eternal life and eternity”.

This is the law of and to liberty.
This is the thought of freedom.
Obedience to this thought is victory.

Lastly, the war of obedience is a war you cannot stop, a war you cannot avoid, a war you can begin and a war you can end, which can end you and equally begin in you the sprout of excellence of mind and heart and equally the well being life as we should know it.

“…this is the war that happens with all wars. It is the war within the wars and it is the war by which all other wars are fought, won or lost”.

I’m sorry, I forgot (to add):

How do I know I’ve lost the war of my mind?

When it breaks down, when it had no control of thoughts: coming and going. When thinking is loose, prejudiced, corrupt, one-faced to vanity, limit to personal effects. This war is lost when you are at the epicenter of the activities of thoughts and thinking but you have no say even when you should. This war is lost when thoughts are unrighteous and thinking is oblivious of the dead and empty thoughts. If there is no GODly projection of thoughts in thinking, the war of obedience is lost, especially for the Christian, especially for GOD’sBondMan.

Lastly (for real, now):
There is no peace without war. Salvation is war. There is no victory without war, redemption is war. There is no course without war – sometimes, the course is the war and the war is the cause of itself. Hope is war. There is no fulfilment without war. Belief is war. There is no completion without war. Faith is war; there is a war of faith for faith. There is no end without war. But wars are not for blood all the time. Some wars are for the mind, first; then the soul, fully; for the body, then; or for the burden of the hearts. Wars cannot be pacified unless they are finished.

Recapping to remind myself of what I just wrote down:

The war of obedience happens in the mind to take control of it but it is also fought by the mind through thinking and by thoughts. Thoughts are what we obey to live, thinking is how we engage i.e. obey the thoughts (which are laws to the mind). If my thoughts are GOD’s (and I don’t assume that mine are HIS) and my thinking is on these thoughts, then I have obeyed GOD. In this war, I fight by thinking thoughts. All wars need this war; thus, life needs this war. However, whether I’m aware or not, this war happens because life doesn’t wait for me before it happens. I need to think (about) GOD, I need to think the thoughts of GOD.

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