There is War 5

There is war
(Thus), there is gore

The Battle of Pain

The war of evidence and the war of effect.

The war of outcomes and the war of results. It is the war of gore, of anguish and pain. This is the war of hurts in diverse seasons. There is no life without a war of pain. For pain is found in all things in that since the fall(out) of humanity in creation, we groan within us – each with a different tune, sometimes louder than others – to be saved from the pain of the world, to be saved from the pain of sin, to be saved from the pain of commission to sin, to be saved from the bane of wrong deeds, to be saved from the slavery of our flesh, to be liberated from the chains of our veins, to be alleviated from the gore of this world to a world to come – void of gore or more gore.

In the war of pain, we are reminded that nothing made by man can save man from the doom of man and that since man cannot save man, Man needs to be saved by GOD. In this war, we strive to Make peace where we are in enmity with GOD. We fight to be adopted, we secretly long to belong to GOD, to be long in HIM, to be extensions of HIM, to be under HIS ambits, to be protected by HIS Love. In this war, we fight to be children of the creator and to live just as children, dependent on the creator. In this war, we fight to be family, we fight for family and any family that prevents us from our good goal – so righteous and deserving – we fight.

Thus, because there is a war to be saved and a war to be adopted, we feel the pain until victory is ours. Until we are saved, we experience the hurt, until we are adopted, we experience the fruits of damnation.

And so…

War is disagreement, in war, there is amendment and war is a commandment by which we live in a period, time and place. War is the emergence of change, the emergency of freedom from a cage, war is the pact of rage by which we do all that we do. We war when we breathe, when we die, when we smile, when we speak, when we laugh, when we eat, when we look at the sun, when we pray, when we are silent. Wars are present with us and sometimes, wars present is to the world. For example, my war makes me, me.

For the Christian, the war is that you are who you are, by Grace and the mercy the only saviour of your soul. The war that you are alive by reason of the life of GOD. The war is that the world rages to take you back to itself and back to its path of damnation, the war is that all attempts are geared to cause you to sin and be disconnected with the CREATOR your soul. The war is that diverse voices encourage you to be discouraged in the Word of GOD to you, to take content out of context and disobey the thought of the letter.
The war is the heeding the serpent pouncing on untamed desires to it’s gain (your loss) and the war is judgement between good and evil, in darkness and light.

This war of two sides has two sides to it: to be triumphant by the loss of the world or to be indignant by offense against GOD.

The war of pain brings pain; comes because of pain and is present in pain.

Fight the good fight!

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