There is War 6

There is war
(And) That’s the flaw

The Battle of Imperfection

Our lives of war (made by and in wars) come from a descent of purpose. A deviation of and in the journey, a distancing of trueness, a mile’s difference from where we should have been from what appears to be where we are (although) we shouldn’t be there. Our wars are needed because that’s the only way the lives we live can survive – that’s the flaw, we were not made to survive.

“Wars begin by a change of perspective and orientation of how life is from how life should be”.

The only reason why wars can be justified are because wars exist to keep us in line. If we did not need to be kept in line, we would need no wars. Wars are our healing whereas if there was no sickness, wars would need not heal. Because we take out our true purpose of existence from revival to survival, we need wars to be.


Yes. Our first purpose, our first need of breath was and always has been to “revive” and relive the essence of GOD upon the earth. Sounds familiar? Yes, I thought so, too: it’s been a re-occurring theme for GOD’sBondMan.

So to introduce wars – where as I reckon the enemy of your soul makes a huge profit of wit – there was a need to deviate the goal of existence. To keep the war(s) going, there has always been a need to constantly maintain the deviations, to prosper the variation between the creator and creation, between the structure of creation and the creature from creation.

“The best way to kill a man is to teach him how to stop living. The best way to prosper the war is to ensure the need for the war”.

Have I, previously, said wars are essentially?

Yes. In fact, over the week, it’s been a reprise of thought. However, wars are only essential because we are flawed in life.

Example of this:

Oxygen tanks are essential when the man is in water…simply because the man isn’t where he should be but to continue to live (even where he ought not to be), he needs to breathe somehow.

Now replace oxygen tanks with wars and replace the setting of water with a life away from the source of life. The sameness in the difference best portrays the point.

So would I advocate for wars when there can be a situation where we would rather do without them?


Would I ask for wars when I could possible ask for a state where having wars is as obsolete as using oxygen tanks in an atmosphere of pure and free air?

Logically no.

And that’s where I stand (I stand because I see GOD; because that’s where GOD stands and I understand that to be true because I have evidence of it): that we have a revival of purpose; a dire acceptance of truth: the truth of who we are, the truth of who we come from and the truth of why we came from where who we came from; that we have an arrival of the state which needs no war for life to be as life should be; that we take exception to be rivals of the best of ourselves; that we seek a deprival of the cause of war so that wars need not exist.


Because wars are a remedy for a sick – though reversible – state. In so much as we are in need of salvation, we can be sure that a repentance from a deteriorating state to a state of determination of for a just existence is key to restoring us to the point where we need no wars to have peace, think, have thoughts, live, be whole and be healed.

So can there be life without wars?

Yes, there is a life without wars, a life which doesn’t begin in deceit or end with lies, a life of its source, a life worth its sort, a life of origins and purpose for being. The life with GOD, by GOD, which is a life for GOD, to GOD; seeing that life comes from GOD. What is clear is that living in and by GOD returns you to the life in which there is no need for war to live.

This is what GOD’sBondMan advocates for.

End Notes:

I believe this is the end of the war week since war is for the weak version of ourselves; since wars make us strong for weakness. Since wars are not absolute and wars are remedies which would not need to be if we live as we have been created to be – in the presence of GOD. In the presence of GOD, there is no need to war, no place for war; there is no war.

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