The Christian Procedure for the Delicacy of Hope

BOND 223

This is a meal of expectance, it requires waiting, its taste is determined by patience and judged by the age of its preparation.

First, a slice of necessity is included into the oblivion of beginning; but this must be joined with a dash of energy because emotion with motion is an evidence of simple static commotion in existence.

Next, you add a beat of knowledge for there is no hope without a knowledge of what is hoped for and after this knowledge (which is a spark of the meal like fire beneath cooking pans), it is necessary to broil expectation.

Once this has begun, you cream this glorious convergence with imagination and bake desire into the mix. If this is done, the meal has been conceived but must be prepared. To prepare the meal, you must dress your hope with understanding and fold with loyalty to this “thing” which you have hope for.

Because hope is not the destination, alone, but how you get there.

In this journey, you must never forget to grate joy into the meal of hope so that even in the toughest points, hope is never static; however, you must knead contentment into hope and ensure to always sieve for distractions – if any be found, they must be destroyed.

And since hope aims to create, a certain measure of destruction must be employed. Creation – except original creation – requires destruction as a precursor.

Then, mince in trial, accept a mince of trial and then whisk need for the furtherance of hope.

Where there is hope, there must be a need.

After these, ensure to skim strength in the mix and parboil meekness in the meal of hope.


Because those who have hope must move in hope with meekness.

Next, glaze all ingredients in faith and shred temptations because in hope, there must be temptation to lose hope or deny the need and existence of hope. When this consciousness occurs, there would be a whip of pain in-between.

Hope comes with pain especially in the face of opposition.

Now, the meal is almost ready. Chop ounces of eminence to make hope: a list of priorities and mandatory components of life into hope. You are responsible for feeding the fire to burn. Be sincere and dogged in hope; making sure that the stream of falsehood is pushed away from the meal of hope. There must be no pinch of anger unless it’s towards the furtherance of the journey of hope. Even so, hope is best received when all propellants are present in their states of moderation.

In view of that, there would be dices of pleasure in the formation of hope, not pleasure that is already gotten, alone, but pleasure which would be gotten by reason of hope. If for nothing, this gives vision and strength in this procedure of hope.

However, for the Christian delicacy of hope, it cannot be a complete procedure without cubes of GOD on every layer of the meal. For these cubes are the seals on which all ingredients rest and are joined to solidify the beauty of hope.

Without GOD, there is no hope, no need for hope, no end of hope, no justification or existence of hope at all.

So, for this purpose, I always encourage that you poach for the proof of existence, to ensure that you exist as you should as this is an assurance that the procedure is going in the right direction; that you exist where you should and that you exist at all. In fact, hope is about existence such that the greatest hope is to exist after the current phase of existence is over. Hope is greatest when the transitions between forms of existence are possible. That’s the hope. Therefore, because that is the hope, we are the great mysteries, ourselves – we are dusts of covenant. I can tell you that this is the bond for hope, that we were made to be better than we currently are. This, too, is hope: the procedure to completion, the process of completion.

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