The DIY Method of Killing GOD 2


This is a continuation of the previous BOND (224) 

In BOND 224, it became clear that the process of Killing GOD requires an influence – usually a voice but definitely ending as a thought – which ignites the process with an inquiry into the knowledge base of the individual; to determine a loophole by which to penetrate and distort the assurance of belief and insurance of faith.

GOD- Killing requires an attack of faith and the insurance in faith. 


Because Faith helps us see GOD and please GOD but once this is absent, we cannot see GOD and even if we know what GOD’s frame of work looks like, we cannot please GOD.


Because Faith is the spiritual connection we have with GOD, hearing HIS voice, doing what HE says, believing what HE says; faith is what our hopes were made for – connectivity with GOD.

“If I was enemy, faith is what I’ll attack first”

Because Faith is the Substance of things hoped for... (Hebrews 11: 1)
Because Faith is the Substance of things hoped for… (Hebrews 11: 1)

I did mention the fact that receiving an Inquiry into Knowledge is not bad. In fact this happens every day: daily, we are accosted with the task of declaring what we know and acquiring what we don’t know; however, this Inquiry into Knowledge becomes evil or leads to the slaughter of GOD in us when our understanding is Faulty.

Faulty Understanding

A Faulty Understanding spans a variation of issues in life where you have a Knowledge Base which is sound: you know your material, but you don’t understand this material as you should and as a result of this, you are gullible when it’s time to apply what you know. It includes – not exclusively – a misrepresentation of ideal knowledge, it deals with misquoting scripture or the instructions of GOD.

I reckon this happens when we wish the Holy Bible said what we want it  to say so we assume in our minds that it’s saying that anyway –  resulting in our overly comfortable methods of cherry-picking scripture  where it suits our motif(s) to do what is evil in the standards of GOD.

In the Faulty Understanding stage, there is always a lack of context or worse, the absence of (appropriate) content. In this stage, often times, the Christian doesn’t necessarily have an answer of faith for a query of doubt. In some cases, this is so because said-Christian is secretly in doubt and innately in denial of the faith as well.

For Eve, I believe it was her addition to the Words of GOD’s Instruction that made the difference. For us – in a Post-Modern world – it is our insertion of unfounded interpretation to the Bible which is best known for Interpreting itself, if allowed.

Now back to Eve: In her narrative GOD had said, "don't touch lest you  die" (verses 2 and 3). That was her narrative because even though GOD had said  they should not eat, an addition of touch (which was directly attached to death) meant that if one could touch  and not die, then all GOD said was void. Which – if you look closely –  was the opening argument of the influence to her (in verse 4).  


That was the vacuum, the logical sprain to the remembrance of the instructions and boy! is that randomly present in the Christian sojourn, right now. We have dots of such everywhere, such faulty representations of GOD’s Word which are often picked by non-believers of CHRIST to mean that Christianity is flawed.

I tell you what: if you button your clothes the wrong way, it doesn’t mean that the clothes don’t have buttons arranged in the right order, it just shows that you missed the order. The same can be said for the Christian who not only quotes and misrepresents the image of CHRIST but is equally the said-misrepresentation.


An example would spring up from the debate on the trinity. I believe that if a Christian doesn’t know the spiritual explanation to give on the trinity especially one which explains how GOD can be triune and we can still be monotheistic, there would be a creation of a huge vacuum – give or take.

CLICK HERE: Check out how GOD, The FATHER, without a ‘mother’ has GOD, The SON powered by GOD, The HOLY-SPIRIT – Basically how the Trinity Works.

The target of the influence when they begin an Inquiry of Knowledge is  to establish that there is a faulty Understanding, a dusty reckoning, a  limbo between confession and profession of CHRIST – that is where the  slaughter of GOD truly begins. 

“I believe every Christian ought to daily renew the(ir) mind(s) with the truth of destiny, with the truth of creation, with the truth from The CREATOR – only then can we prove what is good, what is acceptable and what is in HIS perfect Will for us – without which we would be replicas of The Fall GOD so immensely invested to redeem us from”


The second stage of GOD In us is the understanding of WHO HE IS. If this is absent, if our understanding of GOD is darkened, we are open to the siege of doubt, and lies, and hopelessness, and guilt, and hate and restlessness, and strife and, worse of all, descent from where we should be to where we were never supposed to be.

I’ll like to call this stage of GOD-killing:

The “Don’t touch; lest we die”: a Mandatory Misrepresentation of Truth.

Which looks very good for a sermon series if well executed.

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