The DIY Method of Killing GOD

Introduction – BOND 224

 If in doubt, be rest-assured, that heading is correct. 

Can GOD be killed?

Why, yes.

Then would GOD still be GOD if GOD can be killed?

Yes. And I’m not referring to JESUS CHRIST, who is GOD, dying on the cross and being resurrected the third day, afterwards. That would have been a very easy way to nail this deal (pun intended) but the “death of GOD” has taken a new turn in the road for validation of existence. We could actually kill GOD and that is what this BOND is about.

So how?

Thank you for asking. I’m going to run this slowly but as you read you’ll realise that it’s an archetype of processes we indulge in daily – some more vigorously than others. I’ve taken time out of my readings of the books of Romans and “Mathew 24” (GOD’sBondMan Verse) to boomerang to “Genesis 3” for the purpose of ensuring that this method – which I’m addressing – of killing GOD is as Biblical as the hope of Resurrection.

“Biblical: not in the sense that the Bible supports it but in the sense that the Bible has revealed this method for us to be watchful against committing this crime to ourselves” 

Assuredly, this process could be self-induced as with the case of Lucifer (the original sin(ner), since sin is separation and opposition to the life of GOD) but it is most likely a result of influence (by the wiles of this original sin-ner) and our acceptance of such influence(s) when they come.

I must warn you, no one is exempted from this. The fact that you are aiming to be just Christ-like (Christian in practice and confession) doesn’t mean you have not attempted the murder of GOD or partaken in a GOD-slaughter once or twice a day (at best). It’s important to know that over time, this process of killing GOD has become so fickle that we tend to be unaware that we’ve done this in the first place.

 That said, I believe it begins with "An Inquiry Into Knowledge". 

An Inquiry Into Knowledge:

This is necessary because a siege cannot be successful until you know the Stamina of the intended-sieged, it is often important that the influence determines what your knowledge base is. Resulting in evaluation:

  • What do you know?
  • What have you discovered?
  • What do you hold as true?
  • How can you say you’ve shaped your life by what you know?
  • Who gave you what you know?
  • Do you know this source of instruction to be trust-worthy?

This is the very first step which is not a bad thing until you realise that you are slightly above the knowledge quorum-requirement, consequently, below the radar for manipulation. In this Inquiry much like the War of Knowledge, it is what you know that is your defense and what you know that is your weaponry.

The truth is, because we often don't know what we should know, the  influence identifies a vacuum of and for entry to transplant a new  knowledge which is against the knowledge of GOD. 

You’ll always have knowledge. Knowledge is like food: you’ll always need food to live but the food you eat dictates your being and interaction with life – the same can be said about knowledge.


I also need to add that the first stage of GOD in us is the knowledge of GOD for us. Having GOD in you starts from knowing GOD.


So have it in your mind that this stage of Killing GOD is where the influence – a conversation, a stray-thought, a distraction, a forceful ideology, a kindling flame of doubt, a trying time – determines what your assurance in belief really is. For Eve, you’ll figure this happened in verse 1. I have taken the liberty to tag it as:

The “Has GOD said”? Phenomenon: Questioning GOD to validate rebellion.

 Which now that I’m thinking about it makes for a great book title. 

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