The DIY Method of Killing GOD 3

STEP THREE – Proposition

In BOND 225, it was established that killing GOD needs you to have a faulty understanding even if you know what you should know. Understanding is key and the door leads to an exaltation of GOD or – if broken – to Killing GOD.

“An enlightened understanding is to the glory of GOD but a darkened  understanding seeks a demise of GOD in all endeavors of  life”. 

However, killing GOD doesn’t mean running a Goliath-sized dagger through the heart of GOD and then watching HIM Bleed. Much to the dismay of many with horrific ways in mind, GOD-killing needs to be done spiritually because GOD is spirit.

In other words, killing GOD is an act so unseen; such that those who need to see to believe do not believe it is done because they cannot see and the influence which sponsors this ensures to limit the majority of humanity to sight and nothing more. The truth is there is – always – more.

In this respect, the influence moves the game a few levels up by presenting an alternative to GOD. But to do this, the influence – a contrary voice, a perverse thought, a lying perspective – must ensure that you are in distaste of GOD and that you detest the ways of GOD. This influence is accomplished when you consider yourself a rival of GOD in competition for self control; resulting in a declaration of autonomy because, for you, GOD is not enough and “enough is enough” so you want to be in control, in charge once you have a knowledge base and an understanding of it – faulty as it may be. In GOD-killing, it is only logical that an alternative is proffered and then preferred.

A Presentation of an Alternative

To kill GOD, we are required to replace GOD with ourselves because, originally, we were created to be directed; thus, if GOD isn’t directing, we take over under the notion that GOD has been the cage, keeping us away from being free, keeping us away from expression, from the best impressions of life, from the rapture of living, from the good measure of the various experiences of life.

Consequently, If GOD has been protecting us, we denounce a need for protection.  

To kill GOD, we must get to the stage where we perceive GOD as:

  • The lying GOD
  • The absent GOD or/and
  • The complacent GOD.
The influence is sure to present various reasons why GOD is unqualified  to be in authority over you and why you are enough – often times, this  case is so logically crafted and so deceptively organised, it would take  the very humble grace of GOD and a conscience filled with truth to  decipher the lie in such a life.  

How we commit GOD-slaughtering:

In what appears to be the popular way of life, this is slaughtering GOD: opening the wounds of our errors yet denouncing that we are wrong , uncovering the pain such errors, straining the emptiness in our erroneous desires, discovering the open weakness by our errors, embracing the wickedness which is the absence of GOD from your thoughts, your thinking and your being. To kill GOD, you need to reject GOD that HE is GOD; that GOD is GOD because only then can the conscience be deadened enough to crown self as ruler over self.

In a world of diverse freedom, in lands of freedom to life, we accept to kill GOD in us by murdering conviction of right from wrong; and by shutting down the mechanism of eternal morality, we kill GOD. By refusal to belief in GOD as GOD, we kill GOD; by flushing out thoughts of HIS Righteousness and love – unending or undying even in our lost points of filth – we kill GOD.

Have you killed GOD?

Yes. When you took that step without asking. When you thought without GOD in the frame of decision-making; when you took the matter of life into your hands and chose death and how to kill the joy of life in you. That’s how you kill GOD.

However, killing GOD in you kills you in GOD because the rejection of  Divinity by humanity is a declaration of the ejection of humanity from  Divinity. Opting for this choice of "death for death" bags the question of  who shall stand? The GOD who needs no one to be GOD or humans who need GOD to be human - at best? 

To kill GOD, by living in an alternative, you must be ready to accept the truth that you have equally killed yourself and the scale of justice is served seeing that as a part of GOD’s creation, you are a reflection of who HE is. If GOD is dead, then so is humanity and so are our hopes and aspirations; so is the past, so is the future and we would have nothing but the present to grasp before it vastly vanishes.

Permit me to call this: 

The “You shall not die” Bill: A Declaration of Rebellion to the Truth.

The First time this bill was proposed was in Genesis 3 verse 4


Have you observed that much like believing in GOD, the startup of disbelieving GOD and going your way requires a measure of faith, which is seen in the drive of hope? You hope to be better, you hope that by having control you can be better, you hope that you would be better to make you better. Even in killing GOD, you take HIS Attributes of hope and faith and twist them wrongly in application. You always need GOD even if your aim is kill GOD.

You need GOD to do everything (including kill GOD).


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