The DIY Method of Killing GOD 4

STEP FOUR – Control.

In BOND 226, one thing stands out of the crowd of words and discovery, now more than ever, and that is the truth that killing GOD requires you to create an alternative for GOD because there would always be a need to be dependent and controlled.

We - humans - were created to be directed.  

Leaving the living GOD*

*(Living, even after all your killing)

For the influence – a thought, a wile, the devil, a wish, desire, lust, pain, memory of evil things forgotten – whatever makes you leave GOD is as good a win as it gets. If you are lost in the charade that you are in control of your life, you may need to have a review of what you have controlled and how those ideas came to be.

The question is, “are you really in control of your life or your life is in control of you”?


Hey don’t rush. Think carefully because it’s either you are a terrible controller or you have never been in control.

In the end, you’ll realise that you are either being directed by GOD or by the enemy of GOD, the deceiver. Such that even when you are supposedly in control, you are still being controlled. So in this journey of GOD-Killing, after presenting an alternative, the influence thrusts control to self (seemingly, at least).

Thrusting Control to Self

So the hope which is found in this case is the thrust of control to self where the influence promises to thrust control over to self as long as you leave GOD be. Because GOD has been discredited and your hunger has been kindled for something or someone else, an alternative is suddenly required; as a replacement, you turn to you for guidance until what you think is binding law.

Have you ever had those thoughts of self-sufficiency, leading to self-reliance and backed up by self-dependence? Yes me, too. You must have figured the hard truth by now that the manifesto for self being in control is:

  • I can…
  • It’s mine…
  • I need…
 (Maybe there’s more, you tell me) 

Sadly, by this, creation which has always been for glorification of the creator becomes a parade of self-preservation; one would say that if all people need to preserve themselves, then some would more than others; tipping off the balance of creation and presenting an alternative of destruction.

Why do I always say “GOD first”?

Pretty simple, actually. Let’s say, you stacked a bunch of cards into the shape of a car. Once together, the cards facilitate the car to move. It’s amazing, you love your car so much because it’s yours. Your goal is for the car to keep moving but the car only moves when all cards are in their place. Now imagine your cards refused to stay in place on the ground that they look better on their own (doing what they want) than being part of a grand design of a car. Would you be pleased? Now replace yourself with GOD, say…the car is existence and the cards are all humans…if this isn’t a funny sight…

“If you could peep into the eyes of GOD, you’ll get the full picture of the folly in our attempts to be wise in our own eyes”


How To give self its undue Control:

How does this happen, the influence presents a cultured (doctored) evidence which can be gotten by proof of sight. You are too sure that this is right because you have seen it even if you were made to see it. For Eve, she saw that the fruit was good even though a few verses before, it was forbidden and rightly so. Which is what scares me: the sudden shift from a high standard of morality to a permeable compromise in the name of progression of purpose.

Needless to say, to distort our moral standard, the influence must establish a fault in the source of all morality. To get humanity to be immoral, humanity needs to see GOD as unjust – and wrongly so – only then can humanity embrace immorality as though it were a juicy paradise of immortality.

So here’s the progression so far (Genesis 3):

  • Discredit GOD and paint HIS protection as an obstruction for freedom (verse 5)
  • Create desire and fuel it by hope with a prospective dividend of undivided autonomy to choice and determination of morality (verse 5)
"Might I add, knowing good and evil is the same headline we see till  date where morality is subjected to the suitability of humanity whereas  we, as humans from original fall, are as blind-sighted to the truth of  morality as we were just before the fall" 
  • Then present a cultured evidence since a desire has been created (verse 6):
    – Proof of sight
    – Good for nourishment
    – Pleasing to the eyes (very adorned)
    – Promising to make one wise – perhaps just as wise as GOD invariably promising to make man god.
    – Conviction to be all these and more (at which point Eve ate)
This is the phase I call: 

The Evil-made Good: Wanting to be gods not GOD’s.

Lastly, you need to leave here with one thing, at least: “self-preservation is not the sole leverage for morality; only GOD is”


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