The DIY Method of Killing GOD 5


In BOND 227, you remember how you had given self its undue Control in the hopes that you could have control of your life. However, the truth is because you are created and not the creator, you cannot have control of your life and even if you visibly feel convinced, you don’t.

That said, I'll like to dabble into what happens when you seemingly have control. You take your control for a test drive.   

The Test Drive and Trial STAGE

As I hinted here, you try out what you’ve discovered to be good. You attempt to see where it leads you. You want to know how to stretch this new found power to see how long this stretch would go. You want to know how it feels to live now that you are god; you want to find out what difference it makes to know what is good and what is evil. You want to see if there is a difference, anyway.

Your first call of judgement is to decipher which is “okay” and “not so okay”. You are judge now, remember?: 

Judge of character; judge of fire from water; judge of death and living; judge of what kills you and what you kill to not be killed.

You rule now: your say is law all day.

It feels right to fly this plane and have control as to where it banks and what engine to switch off at will, what duty to leave hanging unattended to, what to do and what not to do depending on your mood and what strikes you as worth the while. You are the eight year old driving the locomotive of life and boy do you love the vibrancy of control.

After the test drive phase which Eve underwent by deciding to eat the fruit ( Genesis 3 verse 6 ) – by implication, before she ate the fruit, she had killed GOD in her which means eating the fruit was a part of the aftermath of the fall. The Fall occurred before the physical certification – there is the Spread The Word Stage (Genesis 3 verse 6).

The Spread The Word STAGE

You tell everyone you can that “you are free” to do what you are free to do.  

You tell them about choice, you tell them about being the moral epicenter of the universe and how the world revolves around your decision to breathe or stop breathing; you make them see the supposed advantage in having laws only when you are the law giver but also on being as inconsistent because since you give the laws you could equally decide when a law doesn’t fit anymore.

You tell them that they can be god (Genesis 3:5), too – gods on Earth, gods of the earth. “They can be more”, you say. You tell them…you ensure they believe – negating your own gospel in which you have earlier stated that they have the right to accept or reject. You force them to take this path, you make sure they want to be free even if they don’t want to be. You give them the fruit and they do eat. They eat whether it’s their decision or not.

The GOD-Killing Theory (postulate on choice): “you have no choice but to have a choice”!

For you, if you ate it to be free, they must eat it to be free. You spread the word and to make sure it sells, you break the rule of freedom to choice by forcing them to have the freedom of choice.

For Eve, she gave Adam to eat (Genesis 3 verse 6). I don’t see how but I don’t see Adam rejecting either. I don’t know if he had a choice or if he was unaware that he still did but for the contemporary case-study, it’s as forceful as it gets. Your liberation crusade is sadly a Calvary of swords and smiles until it’s time for the repercussion.

The Stage of Repercussion.

Every seed has a harvest: of nothing or of something. Every decision has a result, every equation (has) a solution, every problem has an end (a purpose or its termination). Every step has a destination. Every trial and test drive, every Evangelical expedition has a result (reward or repercussion).


For Eve and Adam it was guilt at the moment they heard GOD coming and fright when GOD called out (Genesis 3 verse 8 – 10). It was so because they judged themselves wrong as swiftly as they had beforehand judged themselves right.

They knew it was good to be with GOD and evil to reject HIS law of love (Genesis 3 verse 10) . They knew. They knew only after they had take the chance not to. This sudden reckoning often times takes a different form from remorse in our time. When guilt comes – as most often it comes – we play the Game of Blame and our first call of blame is everyone but us.

Everyone but us is the fault

The Blame Game.*

*(Genesis 3 verses 11 - 13)

We – and I say this because you and I have played this game more in our defense than we can will fully admit – blame GOD for allowing all evil to happen in the first place. For allowing us to wander into evil. We blame GOD for giving us freewill even before we thought we wanted this freewill.

We blame GOD for creation. For creating, for orchestrating the need and means of creation. In this stage, we proffer a seemingly better narrative as a way of casting the blame on GOD for creation.

We blame GOD for being GOD – all powerful and not sharing, all knowing and not revealing. We blame GOD because we forget why we have done what we have done in the first place.

We blame GOD By hating: GOD, ourselves, those around us, those we cannot understand, those who can’t understand us, those who would never be understood, those we understand and blame for understanding them. We hate everything and at this point, kick love out the door.

We blame GOD by hating what we dont want.
Love that doesn’t have GOD in it is revenge from us to GOD.

Lastly – but certainly not least – we blame GOD by dwelling in denial. Now that I look at this part of the game, I’m tempted to put it as the first blame game but it’s best we end with this.

 I call this stage of GOD-Killing: 

“It is the Life you gave that made me behave so”: An Algorithm of source-search by the Blame Theory.

Gladly, in BOND 228, this GOD-Killing saga would be over for good.

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