The DIY Method of Killing GOD 6

STEP SIX – Conclusion

Ending GOD-Killing

You know how to kill GOD:

Disobedience to HIS Word, misalignment to HIS Work; denouncement of HIS Ward; picking the ways of the world; neglecting the cord you have with HIM; prospering discord between CREATOR and creature (gladly not creation); being an enemy of all that is true, denial of what truth is because it doesn’t fit your need at the time of consideration; judgement and love outside GOD; the love of the judgement outside GOD’s; the judgement of GOD’s Love.

You know how to kill GOD – the thought, the life, the purpose, the expectation, the will, the destination of creation, the origin and the explanation of origin, the crypt, the source, the entirety of being – by simply taking an alternative to GOD, by considering options, by making GOD one of many speculations instead of the certification amidst many speculations or the obligation above many conformations.

So to be clear GOD-killing involves:

Loving the art; hating the artist…

…that’s what you do when you love (your) life but hate GOD.

Loving the product, disliking the process…

…that’s what you do when you dislike Christianity, redemption and salvation by the standard of JESUS (who IS CHRIST irrespective of what you think) but love immortality, peace and a perfect tone of love (not to be confused with self-preservation).

Appreciate the science but reject the conscience…

…Understanding what is but not addressing why what is really is.

How to stop killing GOD

By doing the opposite.

Stop doing anything that opposes GOD’s work and will in you and around you; don’t promote the objections to GOD, don’t imitate the subjection of GOD’s plan to a human speculation. Don’t erase the path of or to salvation. Don’t keep silent on how humanity can be saved. Be glad to say boldly that JESUS is CHRIST and be gladdened to do just that in how you live and speak – when you are watched or alone. The universe is always watching and every chance of life is a means to certify that you are appreciative of GOD’s divine sacrifice of love.


If GOD isn’t seen there, then there is sin – shun sin!

If GOD is not told there; then “there” is not a good fold; flee ungodly folds.

If GOD cannot be represented, then nothing represents the lie more adequately.

You stop killing GOD in you by letting GOD live in you.

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