Remembering the Reward of Repentance

I remember everything for what it is.

There is the renewing need to accept brokenness as a medium of creation and to reject the corruption of that which has been created.

There is always the need to resuscitate the love of GOD though it may go cold from wandering in a world of cold affection for its master; what matters is that love is the light by which (my) feet are set on solid affirmation and stolid reaffirmation.

I rejoice for all that is.

There is no bravery in the absence of love; to some the ability to love is the greatest act of bravery; to others bravery can only be worth it when it is for love; (to me) GOD is both bravery to believe in and love to live by. Amen.

I regret nothing, really. Every step taken has been ordered for a reason. I embrace the reason and reaffirm the message. My errors are blocks I build walls of perfection with. My frailty is a part of the beautiful story of awakening the strength in the LORD I serve the strength of the LORD in me.

If I am weak it is for the best that I find strength in whom there is no point of weakness.

In the face of my error, I shall clothe my mind in the garments of repentance and not merely remorse because repentance works towards a restoration that remorse seeks to reinvent the pain on whose shoulders I should step on over the walls of my guilt.

Is there a need for Requiem? Not one that leads to a world of sorrow but one whose aim is godly sorrow by which I am led right back to where I should have been before hand.

All repentance – good and lofty – lead to the revival of my soul.

This revival brings redemption and redemption that is true is seen in the verisimilitude of Reformation. In which case, there is no revolt against the truth.

There is acceptance of flaw, there is acceptance as a floor on which the building of (my) character and worship to GOD are given.

If there is ever a need for response or a need of proof for the dividends of repentance, it is that in place of retort to heavenly correction or angelic chastisement, there is restitution and a reply of love which is coated in kindness; one which shuns repulsion of GOD but admits the resolution of CHRIST; one which stresses the reduction of sin and resorts to the immense and bountiful design of creation best accepted as the perfect will to save rather than enslave in life.

This is where I am in the abolition of the lack of mindedness to belief.

Point of no return repentance

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