BOND 232: The End of CHRIST

Dearly Beloved, listen to me. read me.

At the end of all this: at the end of all this journeying, this preaching, this hoping, this confessing, this fighting for faith, this faith-ing – faith in and faith out(side your power); at the end of this life: this life of belief, overcoming by believing, of righteousness, the strive to be righteous, to thrive by being righteous, to be alive in righteousness, the end had better be Christ.

Not just JESUS as a confession of the “saving all popular powerful figure in history whose evidence is compellingly true” but of CHRIST, the underlining, undying, unending power from the beginning, revealed in the middle of all the conflict of our souls as the end of it all.

“We should not just believe in JESUS, we should be…and live in JESUS CHRIST”.

In the end, let CHRIST be the end or everything ends in nothing.

If CHRIST isn’t why we do what we do, why we say what we say, why we think about what we think about, then, my guess is as good as defined when I say that it would all be for nothing. It would all be for excuse, it would all be to our blame, it would all be worth nothing more than they are.

I’m saying this, writing this because I’m just as convinced as before that all that has ever happened between GOD and (wo)man in diverse dispensations (smooth as they were or coarse as they were) were all leading to one event, one time, one potion of space, one dignified premise, one suitable point of history, one ripe chance in which CHRIST would be fulfilled, fully mentioned, presented and assuredly used as bargaining point for the salvation of the lost creation.

Because until CHRIST, until the end of clueless existence, we were lost in a drunk world.

All this should lead to CHRIST because our righteous ways are unrighteous if they are not tailored by the righteousness of GOD. Which sounds like an ego-centric Messiah Complex Manifesto pitch until you realise that if let alone and given all power, we are incapable of:

  • Saving ourselves
  • Guiding ourselves aright
  • Being peaceable without further destroying who we were made to be.

Because we were made, our standards would always need a higher standard (with which to compare and adhere) in order to remain standard.

“If CHRIST is not our fight, we are not right to say our goal is light in a dark Knight night for a world as ours”.

So, what am I saying meaning to say write?

It is that for those who believe, CHRIST is the end we should have, the purpose, the aim. CHRIST should be all we see, hope to see, or propel us to see and hope.

If not CHRIST, now; there is no respite (for life in eternity). And I’m amazed by nothing more.


Because CHRIST is the end of GOD in all HIS dealings with humanity. The whole purpose, the whole aim was/is (you pick) to direct our attention to one perfect entity and emblem, to one stature of completeness which would not only fulfil our natures but would guide us to a sustainable perfection. Because all we were ever created to be is who CHRIST is and until we are who we should be, what and who we now are, are nothing compared to who and what we should be.

If not (by) CHRIST, we are not right.

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