Does GOD know My Pain?: A Questionnaire on Pain and GOD

This Bond (233) is not out of spite but to serve as a respite. And I must thank my friend Amaka for humanly inspiring the questionnaire.

Background of the Questionnaire:

So I think it’s important to talk about pain.

And how misconceptions such as:

“The presence of pain is the absence of GOD”

shouldn’t fly so high…

I mean…often times I’ve heard people validate their unwillingness to believe in GOD or believe that “GOD is good” simply because there’s pain in the world.

Well, the truth is (your) faith in GOD is not rewarded solely by the absence of pain but profoundly in the presence of it (pain).

You’ll agree (with me; when I say type) that you can better understand the value of water when you’ve known dire thirst…

So, I’m presenting this questionnaire on Pain and GOD.

Section One: The Origin of Pain and GOD

What if GOD feels pain just like you?
What if every time you felt pain, GOD felt it too?

What if GOD knows pain more than anyone
And starts to feel pain from the day you were born?

What if pain is a language GOD is fluent in…
…since it is often times a validation for why we win?

What if pain is you and me forgetting who we are…
…because “who we are” is painful and we can prove it with every scar?

Section Two: The Mutuality of Pain

What if GOD felt your pain?
What if you feel HIS when you stand in the rain?

What if all this is a distraction from what (really) is?
That true pain is this:

Not knowing that GOD knows your pain
What if…what if…pain is sane?

Section Three: GOD, The Scripture and Pain

Would you believe that GOD feels everything…

…if scriptures wrote that HE wept for fallen Adam and Eve in Eden?

Would you believe if only you had a sign…
…that your pain is also part of HIS concern?

Have you ever asked if HE sees what you see
And understands more perfectly than the worldviews of you and me?

What If HE knows what you go through
And is still in the business of making all things beautiful?

What are the chances that you would believe…
…if you saw a weeping JESUS before a miracle was done?
Or wait…did you think HIS life was 33 and a half years of fun?

Hasn’t GOD felt it all, from being on a bounty list before the age of five…
…to living even after death so that we can all see that we can thrive?

How about being on the blacklist of those HE created?
Or being on the headlines for repeatedly and reportedly proclaimed to be dead?

Section Four: GOD and the Debate of Pain

What if GOD feels pain in real time?

In split moments before you decide you would have to commit that crime.

Before you accept sin as your escape route.
And forget that the tree should never walk away from its root.

Section Five: GOD and the Penalty of Pain

If GOD wept and it rained, would you believe?

Would you still accuse HIM of neglecting to help relieve?

Would you believe if I told you GOD feels Pain when you choose the path of pain
then blame HIM for the pain which you chose by being vane?

If GOD was the victim and you the cause…
…Would you still be as vindictive an accuser – Of course?

Section Six: The Mechanism of Pain

What if I told you that all pain is cursive and handwritten
Or embedded in every word we’ve ever heard or spoken?

What if pain never leaves unless we leave in death
Or refuse to bend the knee and insist to live against death?

What if I told you that pain would always be here until we understand it?
Here…as a reminder of life and pointer to death with sarcastic wit…

Section Seven: The Conclusion of Pain

Well, that is how I know GOD knows how pain feels
When we live the life HE gave us simply on cheap thrills

As if we knew what’s best…better than HE did
By hunting in our misgivings yet refusing to play the game of pain we feed.

Section Eight: Pain and the High Power

The way to GOD is that of peace…
…but it doesn’t promise total ease.
It doesn’t say the evils of the world would cease;
It doesn’t mean that the world would always work as we please;
But it is bliss…

…even in the face of all these unease.

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