How The Christian Should be in Service to GOD

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Who This is For:

I believe this is important for those who have come to terms with The Authority of GOD:

  • as CREATOR and SOVEREIGN over all;
  • as the force by which everything, which is, is.

To be clear, this is for those who know GOD to be GOD; not just being told by scripture and human sources but being convicted by GOD, HIMSELF: who is the everlasting answer to every ever-pressing question. In whose Presence of Light all queries are answered and resolved.

This is for those who know that existence by GOD is for service to the Purpose of GOD – not as slaves (without understanding) but as workers (and living instruments in love with the overall reason for being).

So the issue is, after acknowledging that we should serve GOD, How do we do so?

How to serve GOD?

Since we know that we serve GOD because of HIS Mercies upon us and HIS Authority over all, because HE Is GOD, knowing how to do this gives a completion of our understanding in GOD.

To serve GOD, there must – not could – be A Unification Of Purpose.

Unification of Purpose

There needs to be a unity in purpose and singularity of ideal between the GOD who is served and the human who serves the GOD. Namely: “what does the GOD say”? That is what the servant aligns to. “What does the GOD do”? That is what the servant should be concerned about.

“Until true allegiance meets thorough commitment, there cannot be true service of GOD”.


The service of GOD requires a Presentation Of Our Bodies.

Presentation Of Our Bodies

We cannot say we serve GOD but do not have this claim evident in our physical activities. What you serve, you act by.

“If you serve by GOD then you must act by GOD”.

In which case, as the spiritual servant is submissive to GOD’s Will, their bodies are machinations to express service in express service, physically.


You live as a sacrifice to HIM.

Life As A Sacrifice

You live in sacrifice to GOD; in as much as to say that what you want doesn’t come first or before what GOD wants.

“Your wants must want what GOD wants”.

The servant is at the pleasure of the master and not the other way around.

It requires denial of body pleasure and self desires which obstruct the full of the Will of GOD upon the earth.
No servant of GOD is a stumbling block and remains a servant of that which they cause a stumbling from.


The Tone Of The Sacrifice of the body is holy and the aim of this sacrifice is to be acceptable to the standard and premise of GOD.


So we know why we should serve GOD and theoretically, we know how. It’s important to address how to sustain the method of service which is pleasing to GOD. The following show that:

Refuse the Ways of the world.

If the world does a thing this way, we do not do same-thing but if we must do said-thing then we don’t do said-thing in the way of the world. We refuse how the world lives, how it dresses, how it speaks, how it thinks, how it hopes, how it desires, how it seeks pleasure, how it dances, how it eats, how it worships, how it prays and to whom it prays except unto GOD as appointed and ordained by GOD.

“Refusing the Way Of The World is the best way to accept the way of the WORD of GOD”.


Can you refuse the ways of the world and still conform? Yes. Because conformity is the certification of a way. To accept a way, one must conform to it but if one refuses a way, one can still conform by having a decrease in the frequency of refusal. For example, you refuse to buy a car but conform to entering one.

You must refuse the way of the world to serve GOD. If you subject yourself to the way or the implications of the way, you are in danger of lacking the willpower to sustain the method of serving GOD.


If there is an agreement that doesn’t agree with GOD then you should not agree with this agreement. Only two who agree can walk or live or play or leave together. If you are for GOD then you cannot be in support of the world and what the world holds in high esteem or propels to relevance.


Now you sustain the mind of SERVICE to GOD by renewing your mind. How does this happen?

Steadfast affirmation of the reason and Purpose of Service:

At every point of judgement (the process to decision for life and not solely and necessarily a sentence based on a standard of morality), you renew your mind by responding based on how GOD’s standard for life is. Renewal of the mind involves invoking the conscience with the Spirit Of Truth to bear witness on what GOD’s position on an issue is before taking a decision to align or misalign with its tenets.

Before you pick that job, you renew your mind by asking what GOD’s thought is for that job and if HE has it in mind for you as you live a life pleasing to HIM. So you refuel your thinking, your consciousness, your reasoning, your reason by and in HIS standard. This is great service to GOD.

It is at this point of a renewed mind that you can ascertain what is good, what is acceptable and what is perfect because you are aware of what the Will of GOD is for you.


In a nutshell, service to GOD means:

  • Knowing HIS Will
  • Accepting HIS Will and
  • Doing HIS Will.

This is service to GOD and every other thing done should either be a product of this or is equal to nothing at all.

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