We should all be believers

Bond 235

There is room for the broken man who wants to be fixed.

There is room for the hopeless woman who wants to find hope.

There is place for the blind man shouting to be seen so that he can see.

There is space for the barren woman who is sadly thought to be less of her humanity for the sole reason of not, yet, being able to be partners with GOD in creation.

There is grace for the wanderer who is dissatisfied with being still and knowing that all is well – or will be well. There is room for all those who would make room.

There is room in GOD for all those who make room for GOD.

There is healing for the weak heart, still pumping.

There’s Resurrection for the dying child, still breathing.

There would be life for the dead who believe there is life after death greater than the life before death – and work towards this life beyond the ambits of death.

There is morality for the immoral who is willing to meet GOD at the feet of the greatest sacrifice for the salvation of those in need of salving.

There is victory for the wounded fighter, still fighting in the course of GOD.

There is freedom for the captive captured and in need to be free.
There is life in GOD for those who give their lives to GOD.

And for this we should all be believers – for the reward which comes with believing that there is a giver of reward; for the Word of GOD which is confirmed daily; for the broad array of evidences pointing to one great assemblage of miracles from belief.

We should all be believers – for the sake of living right, knowing the right to live comes from belief and the understanding that the rites of living are by believing.

We should all be believers – in body and soul with one spirit. To believe in one spirit of truth which is neither known or shown except by the lens of belief because where there is no belief, there is no truth and the absence of truth is death by the lie.
So we should all be believers.


/bii-lee-var/ noun. Person.
A soul – not just man and woman but solely either – who holds the truth of GOD to be the binding, composite of the law of existence and accepts that the purpose of life is derived purely and solely from GOD who not only creates and gives life but orchestrates the need for life and the need in life to be fulfilled.

The believer is a radical. Going back to the source, communing with the source (believing) and asking others to do same without fear for there is no need for fear where there is authority in and of truth.

We should all be this – art, going back to artist (art believing there is an artist); bullet, telling about the gun (bullet believing there is a gun); story, telling about the story-teller (story believing there is a teller of the story); made, talking about the maker and how the making is; truth, going back to its root (believing that nothing lacks beginning except the cause of beginnings).

We should all hold GOD to be true simply because it is (only) by GOD that we can do that or not do that.

We should all be believers: having one opinion of alignment that “GOD is GOD” and all those in trouble can run to GOD for sooth.

We should all believe that the just are just by faith and just faith is enough to justify life for what it is – since faith is justified by the dividends of eternal fulfilment BY GOD.

To be just, there must be faith but faith without belief in what faith is, is nothing compared to the unjust presupposition of life with breath.

We should all be believers because our essence as humans depends on us digging back to who we have always been made to be.

We should all be believers so that we can see what our eyes cannot see and hear what our ears could not hear until we had faith to believe.

We should all be believers – all of us – because there is life in belief and hope in belief and strength for belief and purpose in belief and grace from belief and meaning by belief and course in belief which is the cause to believe and joy in belief though there be pain by belief.

We should all be believers because belief id all we ever have and need.

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