MESSIAH: Answering the Need for Perfection.

Bond 236

The first premise for thriving in existence is perfection.

The Existence of/for Perfection

Perfection is the goal, the end, the reason, the motivation and it is the standard by which all activities are placed on measure. If there is one reason why there is a treasure of anything, it is by the measure and degree of perfect it wields. Therefore the goal of life, the propeller of life is the proportion of perfection.

There is no perfection without evaluation

The Need for Evaluation

The reason why we know there is perfection is because of the process of evaluation. It is because of the course of evaluation that the end of perfection is seen, is gotten, is begotten or in the absence of evaluation, is forgotten. The cause for evaluation is not binding by human acceptance to partake in it or not; rather evaluation is the standard of life – working like every other principle. If we discovered it, fine, if not, it is ongoing regardless of the human input or repute.

There is no evaluation in the absence of question(s).

The Presence of Questions

So stop right now. Ask yourself if you have questions around you. Questions that cause you pain, that take you to pain; questions that make your life, questions you run from because they would take your life; questions that hold the thread of your existence together which when gone leave you either fulfilled or solemnly finished.

Do you have questions which when answered mean you must die or those questions which give you life; questions which answer other questions or questions which dissolve whatever resolve and answers you had.

The truth is you have questions: you must; most questions – great as they are – do not come with a question mark and are thus hard to decipher for their true identity of questions. Many questions come as answers and statements and only true thoughts can present them for and as what they are.

Life, true life, is about questions: answering, answered and unanswered questions.

There is no question without intention.

The Eminence of Intention(s)

Yes. There is no query without a thought, nothing is actually without a cause; there is no course – either of self-discovering elements or self-destruct pigments – that is what it is without a cause. There is nothing without another which causes it to be. However, the cause can be its cause which is very evident in creation as with a creator.

What has been said so far?

So we know that life is for perfection, orchestrated by evaluation(s) made possible by the factor of question(s) and established only by intention(s). It is therefore important to state, here, that there is (always) an expectation to life which births this chain of actions and reactions.

What is the Expectation of Life?

Is it a fruit of perfection or a root of perversion? Is it attained based on unbiased evaluation and not merely an abundance of speculation? Is it a result of answered questions and are these questions borne from pure intentions?

Again, it is when the truth is foreshadowed by the answers to these questions that you realise that at some point, we have either failed ourselves or failed others by helping them fail themselves – but there has been failure (the failure we cause or the failure of course). It is in this realisation that there is the answer of The Messiah.

Where there is a cause to be saved, there is a need for salvation.

There is no greater intention than that which leads or yields to salvation.

The Answer To Require

Where there is an absence of answer, there would require a Messiah just as where there is life, there would need (to) be hope.

In subsequent bonds of the GOD’sBondMan, you and I would look at the Messiah – sit on opposing chairs in the same room if need be and look at one thing or being (whichever it is – we would see) from two sides at all times. In which case, neither should be less true of the same person at a given time.

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