Bond 237

When you hear or read about Messiah, what comes to your mind first? A man, a woman, horse? Can just anyone be a Messiah? Anyway, while you sit on the other chair in the room, permit me to sit on mine, right here. The concept of a/the messiah only sits well with a set of people and by the end of this BOND, I’m sure you’ll have your answer on who those people really are. So the first question is who is a messiah?

Who is A Messiah?

A messiah is a leader, a source or beacon of hope whose entry or presence restores to calm the hearts of worry because – by all standards – a Messiah is expected to alleviate the downward standards of life, brings sooth and ultimately acts as a means of salvaging a situation. A messiah is one who saves; or at least one designated to save.

For example - but not adequately at any rate - a child looks at its  mother, daily, and could possibly say, "oh mama, you are a messiah"  because the mother saves: from hunger, from insecurity, from the lack of  trust, from formless introspection, from the gore in being clueless in a  raging world. but does that make the mother a messiah to that effect? I  mean , is every saviour a messiah? Should we always categorise the one  who saves as a messiah? Perhaps as an archetype but looking at the  bigger picture, we can't say the police officer is a messiah simply  because they helped solve a crime. It doesn't cut it, just yet. 


Because a (and soon the) Messiah is more than anyone who simply gets the cat from a tree or helps you find your grocery list or…cooks your meal or talks you – in boredom – to bed. A messiah is more than the one who saves you every other day. There is more to a (and soon the) Messiah than what we often require of a Messiah – to be or to do. So let’s have a closer look at the personality of a Messiah.

The Person of A Messiah.

The first thing I believe you should indicate when dealing with the person-hood of a (soon to be the) messiah is the cognitive ability to be aware. No messiah is clueless of the ability to save once they become a messiah. The Messiah is aware.

The Messiah is hoped for; a messiah is expected. Sometimes, everyone  except a messiah is initially aware that they are a messiah but a  messiah is often innately burdened with breaking the circle of  reoccurring slavery, or reforming the circle.  

The person of a messiah is one who is aware, takes responsibility, is expected, is respected for being expected, fulfils milestones that point to their coming, is not acclaimed in a vacuum because there is a need before there is a Messiah.

 There is a cause before there is a Messiah; there is a want for deliverance before there is the is a yearning for a deliverer.  

A Messiah is wanted and often to the wanting is sent – whether they acknowledge this or not. in case, i forget, a messiah is different from just any saviour because a messiah is present for the purpose of completion.

An instance of a Messiah

Has the rescue for your cat begun? A messiah would address the root of the reason why the cat was in need of help in the first place. A messiah goes to the root to find the truth and addresses it; thus, the joy and anticipation for a messiah. the first instance for a (soon to be the) messiah is to address the cause before dealing with the symptoms.

 The goal of a messiah would be to address the journey rather than primarily address the worry. 

Qualification of a Messiah

 A messiah should not be weak to that which they are to stop.  

To conquer weakness, a (soon to be the) messiah should be strong. To overcome time, the Messiah should grow; to believe, the Messiah should subdue doubt. To live, the Messiah should know where to cage death. The messiah should be an answer to whatever question they are to save from.

In a sea of crowd-opinion and options of saving, a messiah is one voice louder than others showing the way because they are aware of the way out. The true test of a messiah is found in their ability to be right or be wrongly perceived.

Truthfully speaking, the best of a (the) Messiah is not being under the  influence they are to save from. To save from a thing, a messiah must  not be subjected by said-thing. 

For a messiah to perfect the saving-scenerio of the cat on the tree, said-person shouldn’t be trapped in the tree without means of getting both the cat and themselves down, safely.

The (final and sealing point here is that the) concept of a messiah is that said-person is chosen by a high(er) design and one either prior to or after the fault which should be addressed by the choosing of a messiah.

What do we know about the idea of a Messiah?


We know that a messiah has to be chosen, expected and respected; endowed with the ability to save only because they are not in need of, saving themselves.


We know that a messiah should address the problem from the root: digging up the root or felling the tree that hosts the challenge; tacking the reason for the journey and not necessarily the worry(ing) by the journey. A messiah ends a trouble by seeking and addressing the reason and cause of said-trouble.


We know that a messiah gains authority from a higher power and design – which is greater than the problem (which is) to be addressed and goes on to choose a messiah as a medium to address said-problem. The authority of a messiah comes from the choice for/of a messiah.

Now I promised to answer one question: who is a Messiah for?

A messiah is for those who need to address issues from the root-cause and is equally for those who believe in the high-power that orchestrates a way out of the problem at hand: messiah. Those who don’t believe that there is a problem are not in need of a messiah who is solution to the problem. those who choose to not believe in the messiah would not readily believe that a person was chosen to save from the source.

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