BOND 239

Genesis 3:15

Without the Messiah, the only means of escape, the only way out, the only manner of justification is to blame the next entity. For humanity, without the Messiah, salvation is by blame and to be saved is to blame another: to exonerate self, to justify self by thrusting the error unto another, to be free by holding another ransom because in terms of salvation from sin, a price must be paid and it is only well paid by one who is termed guilty and deserving of death, the highest punishment for the highest crime of breaking the continuum of creation.

The highest crimes of humanity are to break the continuum of creation, to upset the expectation of the creator, to distort the Balance of other creatures and then to deny there is a creator all together and refute that other creatures are in danger by doing this.


At that moment, when Adam passed the buck to Eve and Eve to the serpent, humanity became aware that there was a need to be saved, a need for salvation, a need for a saviour, a need for the Messiah who would address the cause of this descent from the onset and ascent of the evil.

Because there is a need for the Messiah, a promise is made.

The Promise

The promise is made by GOD to humanity that there would be a continuity of humanity and this continuity would be a seed from the woman. The woman. Not a woman. It would come from THE woman.

If this doesn’t say anything yet, permit me to emphasise that GOD, while speaking in the fifteenth verse of Genesis chapter three, already had full vision of who it would be. HE knew so that when it happened, it was not new to HIM.

The promise was that from whom through which sin crept into humanity, the same – in archetype – would bring forth the means by which humanity would be saved. The Woman (the seed of the woman).

The Prophecy

The Prophecy – as with all true prophecy – pointed to the emancipation of humanity from the drench of sin and the fruit of death. The Prophecy was a proclamation of “birth from death”: an emergence of life for death, light for darkness, salvation for the endangered, direction for the lost, vision for the blind. The Prophecy pointed to restoration which is the work of the Messiah to come. The Prophecy – as with all true prophecies – pointed to the coming of the Messiah.

The Process

The procedure is enmity. The process is hate yet it is only established because of love by the creator. Permit me to explain.

Because the creator loves creation, and creation should love the creator; humanity – in hating the creator and how creation works – deviated from the course. In order to restore humanity to its right mind and place, humanity would need hate that which caused them to hate the creator.

The process of the prophecy and promise is that there would be enmity between good and evil, between the need for salvation and the seed of rebellion, between the truth and the lie (though it seems to be true).

There would be conflict for humanity – which has both good and evil within – weeding out the love of the creator unless it be stopped.

This is the process of the promise that there would be a war between a recovering humanity, searching for peace and seeking to be adopted back to creation (pure as it is), and the adversary fighting by many adversities to draw humanity back into the darkness which we opted for by rebellion to the law of creation.

Because we had, before now, hated love, and dismissed it for what we deemed as better, we would need to dismiss our contrary thinking and embrace love for a creation which is BETA – an improvement on the previous.

Here is what we know:

There is a Promise of the messiah through whom humanity would be guided back to its root: GOD; there is a Prophecy of how the Messiah would come and through whom this would happen: not by an angel falling from heaven with a sword (although this would suffice to be quite dramatic, to say the least) then fighting all forces of evil but by the seed of the woman. Why? Because to save humanity, the form of humanity – pure beyond measure – must stand as ransom for liberation off sin.

In which case, GOD is not going to break the expectation that humanity (a form of it, anyway) should pay for humanity’s error.

There is a process and this is opposition, dispute and conflict, the demarcation of sides when humanity stands on one and adversity on the other; where salvation stands on one and opposition to the rite of salvation on the other.

The beginning of wars and woes, of battles and rattles, of pain and the slain are all results of sin and also reminders of the coming of one who would save from the dominance of sin in humanity.

By this time, in humanity, there was only one consolation in the face of desolation, “The Messiah is coming”

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