Preparing For The Messiah: The Time, The Phase and The Period

BOND 240


This bond would not be perfected at its end. It would not appear any collected than it seemingly looks accepted; it would not be selected if it were to be chosen to stand on its own. Much of it rests on untold layers of history, best seen as myths and less of a scene for meat. This bond is not about perfection. It is about patience.


If you have not known patience, now you might have a glimpse at it.


For GOD, it was about bringing the Messiah at the right time and being patience for that time to come.

If not, this, it could have been Cain or Abel or their other siblings too numerous (best) left nameless but it was not so.

GOD waited; GOD was patient.

The Messiah could not come before Noah, not when the vial of human wickedness was just being poured. Not in an unbelieving society and baseless community whose only purpose was pleasure.

The Messiah needed to come when all wickedness had been shown and evil had nothing new to offer than it’s destruction.

It would not have been appropriate at the time of Abraham – not when the plot for redemption had just fully received its cast. It could not be earlier than it had happened.

GOD waited for – all the stages of the conflict to be fulfilled – all the emptiness of humanity made empty.

The Messiah had to come at the right time, in the right place, through the right womb by the right heart because if HE came, it was for the right reason: salvation by repentance.

GOD was patient, waiting, for a time when humanity would patiently anticipate the coming of the Messiah and Truth.

From Eden, as a promise, the Messiah was a seed that was sown and had to be grown only in the right medium.

For You

It’s about waiting for the patience of GOD to materialise into the fulfilment of HIS promise. For you, patience is dependent on the completion of the patience of GOD. Your patience is waiting for GOD when you should…

The Messiah had to come from the right soil.

There had to be a chosen people, elected by GOD through whom the promise would be fulfilled and by whom, the whole world would behold the fullness of GOD’s patience in HIS everlasting mercy.

The Messiah had to come in the right atmosphere:

In an age of oppression and desolation of heart but also in a culture which was sold to GOD. In a clime where the faith in GOD was known – not perfectly – but set on course to the fulfillment of GOD’s undying love by HIS ending patience.

The Messiah had to come in the right condition:

The right lifestyle – offered only to GOD. A people whose lives are tailored to GOD (at least they know life should be tailored to GOD whether or not they are working on this as they should or not).


To preserve a pure entrance for the Messiah, any influence which stood against this growth towards the appropriate time of the Messiah’s entry had to be plucked off. It had to be perfection. No nation rising against the physical nation of GOD should stay. No clue against the culture of GOD should stand, no thought against the thought of GOD should stand. Lest the plan of GOD face extinction and humanity die a death without a hope of life, all which stands against GOD must understand the stand of GOD and face it as rightly as it comes.


For the Messiah, to come at the right time and right means, all attention is to go to GOD who is the giver of the Messiah and keeper of the promise to send the Messiah.

Here is what we know:

The Messiah had to come at a time of fulfilment – not later and not after. At a specific time in history and from a particular people of covenant, in a protected environment of belief in GOD and at a period where the yearning for GOD would be heightened by persecution of the world against those who have chosen and have been chosen to believe and live by the standards and law of GOD.
Permit me, now to show you the preparations for the Messiah…

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