MESSIAH: Captivity

BOND 241

Preparing for the Messiah: Captivity

One of the great mysteries, one of the profound ironies, one of the resounding epiphanies is found in the dire agony of slavery.

It cuts through our veins as we yell for it to leave. Sometimes, for one person to be free, another must be enslaved; sometimes, for one person to be free, everyone must be enslaved. It tips the balance that to pay for freedom, another must lose theirs.

This is one of the great reflections: portraying to us – and anyone who cares to look – the outstanding reality of what we are: in slavery.

In slavery to the world, in slavery to our desires, in slavery to ourselves (all the more, enslaved), in slavery of thoughts, in slavery by law (just and unjust), in slavery of hope (even the hope to be rid of slavery). By human hands, all attempts at freedom creates more channels for slavery to be born.

In slavery we see first hand what we truly are and how much of deceit we have chunked in to think that after leaving Eden (the presence of GOD), we’ve never been slaves. That the moment, we left GOD, we became free.

The scorn to our face(s) is found in the realisation that what we have always perceived to be freeing, to be our means of fleeing enslavement has been the one thing that ensures that we are not free: ourselves.

Radical Freedom: To be free, humanity must go back to the root and the truth.

The Root

It is that we came from GOD and only abiding in GOD is true liberty such that living away from GOD leaves us in captivity – more assuredly than we think.

The Truth

It is that we can not by ourselves and our ways and our thinking save ourselves from captivity such that only one who is not a captive can truly liberate those in captivity. Only one without sin can truly pay the price to save a sinner.

But please, humour me, cast the stone if you have no sin.

This time, for all people to be free, another must be enslaved or at least pay the price for freedom to be attained by all.

In the course of these, all captivity shows us that we have never been free – no mater how they come – we have seen that before now, we are free only to captivity. For Israel, it was Egypt, it was Babylon, it was Persia subjected by the powers of the world; either as a lesson, a fulfilment of signs pointing to the Messiah or an evidence of the proximity to the appropriate time of the Messiah.

Whether it was to whip up the desire for a Messiah or to reveal that in captivity, there can be no true freedom, there was captivity.

To you, it could be sickness, despair, a raging wife; to me it could be the cold, the rage, the blazing want and urge and emptiness. To others, it could be many more than we can enlist in a bond but there is one certainty I can not help but end with; there is such power that saves far beyond our ways of description.

There is power: to turn the drunk woman, sober; and the lascivious man, contrite; to turn the seas into dry land and the pure water into refined wine; to turn the hands of time in restoration and to turn the favour of eternity in the highest bid of salvation. There is power from the Messiah because that is what is needed to turn captivity into freedom.

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