Preparing for the Messiah: The Law

BOND 242

To desire (hidden) treasure and achieve the requirement(s) of desire, you must search; sometimes hunt, sometimes survive adversities until the very end. To get to a destination – on whose way are treacherous ordeals – you must journey, you must live, you must overcome, you must believe that it (said-destination) is where it is and in this belief, you can live.

To have what you need to have, you must need to do what you need to do.

For those who believed in the intervention of GOD over the fate and faith of humanity – to deliver from the worldly instincts and devices of our fallen nature of thinking – there was need to be prepared.


This is the obligation to be ready, to be fit and fitting, to be in shape which is best orchestrated by preparedness. Because preparedness comes from belief that there is a need to be in right frame to receive the full portrait of GOD in the best way humanity can receive: The Messiah.

To be prepared, humanity needed to be sculptured into shape, to assume a form, void of which there was nothing but a concealing darkness which stopped us for seeing the obligation of the coming of hope and the fulfilment of our salvation which was promised by the living and loving CREATOR of all that exists.

To be ready, humanity needed to be formed, calved, mashed and remolded into a shape that could accommodate the Messiah – at the right time, place and point of history. To be in shape, humanity needed to have a shape of what was to come, a session of sculpting, an age of remaking – with the goal of cutting off all the unwanted bits and pieces of rebellion, darkened understanding, blurred vision of GOD, alienation from true life and ignorance of the bountiful blessings of creation ordained before the very moment that light was created out of darkness.

To receive the Messiah, humanity needed to know what to expect, what to hold on to, something to remind them of who they should be before the coming is fulfilled.

To be ready for the Messiah, the chosen nation – through whom the Messiah would come – needed to know the mind of GOD concerning life and how life should be lived. We (humans) needed to learn the ways of GOD as regards the livelihood of humanity. We needed to know the love of GOD as the law of/for humanity.

The love of GOD is presented as the law to all humanity.


This is the mechanism to lead to perfection. Not necessarily perfect – in itself – but a sojourn towards it; which (when bound to it) pays with freedom from the guilt of a civilisation in need of being judged.

So the law was and is to sculpt humanity into shape, fitting to receive the promise of GOD.

So the law is the birth of loyalty, a document by which the faithfulness between humanity and GOD can be tested and trusted and upheld.

So the laws were to let us know that there was and is GOD, constructing the moral edification of existence, giving us what to live for and how to live for it.

So the law was a bridge by which we cross from wickedness and weakness to love and strength in our dealings with fellow humans and other creatures from the womb of creation.

So the law is sculpting until the very stature of humanity is attained – worth being treasured.

So the law is the spine by which the salvation of our flesh is achieved up until the salvation of our souls can be accommodated.

Because the law is to lay the ground work for the emergence of our consciousness to the guiding light of the conscience. Because by the conscience, we hold strings with GOD, being divine in our human form, knowing true judgement that is likened to truth in that it is a standard by which other standards are measured as nearly perfect or perfect.

And because salvation without a conscience is as a country without a constitution or binding authority or sovereignty, the law was brought first, (so) that humanity may have binding authority to believe in the Messiah to come and be fellow orchestrators to the atmosphere of repentance when the fulfilment of the emancipation of life is complete by the work of the Messiah.

So the law was made to show us what we should live by and further enshrine in our facilities that we need a step further to fully activate the treadmills of salvation by the work of the Messiah.

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