Behold The Messiah

BOND 244

…born of a woman; born, a human: to bring back the lost humanity from its worst insanity. To pay the ultimate price and crush evil by the hand of good.

Behold the Messiah!

Son of David; son of Jesse; son of Judah; son of Jacob; son of Isaac, child of covenant; son of Abraham, precursor of GOD’s Eternal blessings.

Behold the Messiah!

Born in Bethlehem; mother? A virgin!; called Immanuel: in whose Presence both GOD and humanity can sit in one accord. Born, the mediator between sinless and sin’s mess; Patient redeemer.

Behold the Messiah!

Man in Galilee, performer of great miracles, light to the gentiles, light to darkness, parable-teacher, humble, meek; son of GOD, Son called GOD, GOD’s Son.

Behold the Messiah!

Despised, oppressed, rejected, mocked, humble, humbled, forsaken, beaten, hated, loving, loved, loyal, betrayed, pierced, spat-on, tried, accused, estranged…tempted.

Behold the Messiah!

Thirsty sufferer, interceding for sinners, crying out to GOD, The FATHER, stripped, teased, made a commodity for local casino (you know what I mean: they cast lots for his garments), shamed; not ashamed.

Behold the Messiah!

Weeping, Dying, dead. End of sin, finished evil, buried in wealthy man’s tomb, resurrected, King: with an unending throne and reign; guide to the lost, light to the world, mercy for the broken, unforgotten, undefeated; not disputed; the LAST MESSAGE to humanity from GOD: creator not created – GOD as GOD before humanity.

Behold the Messiah!

Wretched for the wretched, triumphant for all triumph and broken to piece together what was left between the communication between humanity (us) and GOD. The Messiah is the one who has consistently – seemingly effortlessly – fulfilled all the check-boxes revealed before HIS Coming. Revealing that the very plan of GOD was/is in effect (so) that while JESUS, of Nazareth walked upon the earth dutifully calling Israel to repent and guiding the whole of humanity to GOD, all prophecies were animated, given life.

JESUS CHRIST, coming to the earth, meant that GOD was and is (still) in control of existence and the outcome of life.

The coming of JESUS was the action of the scripts written over (the) years by anointed men who had no prior conversation to their inspiration but that GOD – by the hands of HIS Inspiration – gave Humanity a script of mysteries to reveal the greatest mystery throughout human history – which was that even in HIS supposed absence, HE was and is in the business of working out the good in all the woes of our lives. That GOD Is busy making the crooked intentions straight with HIM.

By the coming of the Messiah, we can behold GOD’s Final assertion of love to those who would read through the lines and see the eternal proposition of peace and truce between those in darkness and the creator of light by the command of HIS Word.

Behold the Messiah!

The “let there be light…” in flesh. The armour of salvation in flesh, the GOD in flesh; the face of GOD unveiled – JESUS.

Behold the revelation of the manifestation of redemption – as old as the inception of sin – that the intention of sin would be cut off for the emancipation of our sinless nature – called to walk by and on the light of GOD.

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