BOND 245

Think of salvation as Interpretation…

While you think, reason salvation as the communication of thoughts and intentions between two parties.

In this process, we can behold the intention(s) of GOD as clearly as we can see ours so that we can understand the beauty of mercy that comes with acceptance that indicates the standard of GOD – far greater in immense depth than the highest moral standard of the best (of) human(ity).

Think of salvation as translation…

Before the coming of the Messiah, man could not understand GOD. GOD speaks in intentions, humans mostly in actions but what is very crucial about this point is that salvation can only be facilitated by understanding.

For humanity to be saved, humans need to know the language of GOD.

The Messiah is the teacher whose goal is to show humans the clarity of GOD’s Language of hope and righteousness.

When GOD says “bah” and means “bah”, by faith and salvation, humanity can now, truly know that “bah” means ideally “bah”.

Think of salvation as Revelation…

Wherewith we, can access the presence of GOD, where we can see foregrounded elements of the beauty of the Creator. By salvation, we have the revelation of GOD as GOD; not one who can be created but one who creates all that are created.

Think of salvation as Emancipation…

Freedom. It is freedom. Salvation is freedom from the death and depth of the limiting assumption of human adequacy.

Think of salvation as the key and the prison is open. Think of salvation as the boulder, and the avalanche is kindled. Think of salvation as the window, and the bountiful view of nature – setting into the memory banks of our humanity – is achieved. Think of salvation and then, there is freedom.

Think of salvation as salvation…

Think of salvation as what it is. Salvation is salvation. A salved inch, a saving moment.

What we know:

We know that The Messiah is all these and more: GOD, Man, God-Man; Spirit, Flesh, Spirit in flesh; flesh walking in spirit. Hence, while we were in need of a mediator to speak to GOD and be ‘understood’ by GOD, there was a need for the Messiah.

The Messiah is the mediator and Salvation is the completion of mediation.

The Messiah as GOD:

The Messiah – JESUS CHRIST, Crucified and risen – is GOD because HE was with GOD at creation and was creator as the WORD of all Creation; as son of GOD and heir of it all. This is the perfect price, a sinless, stainless worthy medium of salvation. Only the one who needs no help can truly help the ones who need help.

The Messiah as Man:

To save Humanity, salvation was a translation in which GOD needed to experience the turmoil of humanity, the weakness, the form of sin, the power of suppression which targets the conscience to make it dead so that humanity can truly be dead.

To save humanity (since humanity must pay for the sins of humanity), GOD needed to come to humanity as human as human can be to save all humans who believe from the stain of human fall.

The Messiah as the GOD-Man:

Both flesh to live, showing the conquest over sin; and spirit, showing the power over evil. Revealing the true work of the spirit in flesh and showing the true benefit of subjecting the flesh to the goal of the spirit. Messiah.

The Messiah is the hybrid, knowing what the one in need of salvation feels (human) but also standing on the point of justice from the one to save (GOD). To be present on both sides, speaking all languages and overcoming in all adversity.

What the Messiah shows GOD’sBondMan is that since GOD speaks sinless, and humans speak sin, best; there is salvation to translate sin’s best to sinless. Amen.

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