What The MESSIAH says

BOND 246

Here’s what the Messiah says:

The Messiah says all human beings were made to depend on GOD for completion and that only salvation can sustain true dependence which facilitates holistic accomplishment (Matthew 4:4).

The Messiah says that no human being has the power – of heaven or earth – to destroy a temple made by the ordinance of GOD. Long story short: we cannot destroy what GOD creates and establishes; we may severe it but we cannot destroy it (John 2:19).

The Messiah says that GOD’s Love is manifested by calling all humans being – led astray by lust and pride – to repentance and reinstatement in the ideal of creation which is peace and undying life (John 3:16).

The Messiah says that to love GOD, one must be ready to do so with heart, soul, mind, strength; with thoughts, with the essence of life, with understanding and consciousness and then with actions. It is as holistic as loving with all you have (Mark 12:30).

The Messiah says that GOD is very content with dwelling in the hearts of true worshippers more than the charade of buildings, Holy Sees and monuments. The truth is, with the coming of the Messiah, we see that GOD has moved shop from the physical symbols to the spiritual essence of living. It is the temple of the heart that is more desired to GOD than the temple of bricks and stones (John 4: 21 – 23).

The Messiah says, “I, who speak to you, am HE” when asked if HE was the Messiah. (John 4: 26)

The Messiah says that even though HE has all power in the world, it is until HE is told to do a thing that HE does a thing. The Messiah is GOD’sBondMan, too, GOD and the bond to man (John 5:30).

The Messiah says that the only reason the world hates HIM is because HIS words are truth, convicting the lies of the world; light, reveling the evils which have been tucked in darkness; healing, showcasing that there has been pain and we have not known this until now (John 7: 7).

The Messiah says the truth from the conscience, testifying to the actual state of affairs: that all humans are with sin (just) as a woman is pregnant with child yet for the secrecy of sin, we cannot say we have no sin because it is unseen. (John 8:7)

The Messiah says that the goal of salvation is relationship with GOD; that those who are saved are sheep being guided to rest and pastures of peace. The only way to certify the dividends of redemption is by following the voice of the shepherd which would never lead you astray (John 10: 2 – 4).

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