What We Say About The Messiah

Bond 247

In this bond, I hope that you see the issues of identity in full clarity. I hope you come to terms with the fact that a building of six storeys is a building even if you are living on the ground floor; even if you don’t see what happens in the next compound – like those on the fifth and sixth floors do – you are still in the building. I hope that when we talk about JESUS CHRIST, you’ll walk through the stairs from the beginning of seeing HIM as a religious icon or historical figure, or from being a mystery whose only evidence is found in the ability to exist but have no remains of existence left behind to someone beyond all these. I hope you climb the staircases built just like the conversation between JESUS and “the woman” of Sychar.

So What Do We Say About The Messiah?

We Say That He Is A Beggar.

A man asking for water to drink (John 4:7), we say HE is a carpenter – in no place of scholarship or leadership in the theocracy of the Jews (Matthew 13:55), we say HE is just a wedding guest, lost in the swarm of events (John 2:2), we say HE is just a Jew, caged in the euphoria of having nothing to do with the rest of the world (John 4:9). We say HE is just a man – whose beginning we know (Matthew 13:55).

But JESUS – as the worker of great signs – was more than just anybody. HE was exalted by triumph over the immoral injustice of the day and also becoming a great voice of truth: living or dead.

We Say He Is A Rabbi.

We say so because HE teaches, HE reveals to us what we would not have noticed or known if HE hadn’t shown it to us. HE speaks in parables to convey deep truth, giving us the imagery of complexities of eternity with our earthly understanding (Luke 15:3-10). We say HE is a good teacher because of HIS Authority of the life of truth (Matthew 19:16), we say HE is wise because in no wise was HE ever shown foolish (John 8:3-9).

However, JESUS didn’t stop at teaching those in the present by materials of the past. HE touched the future while living in and through the present.

We Say He Is A Prophet.

We say this because HE once said HE was (Matthew 13:57), because HE gave prophecies of what was to come (Matthew 24: 1-35), because He came like a prophet, warning all evil of the day of Good which is judgement (Matthew 3:2; Luke 13:3; Matthew 4:17). We say that HE is a prophet because “prophet” is all we’ve seen until now. Prophet is the highest human authority we know that knows GOD, because prophet speaks for GOD and whenever we forget GOD, we see prophet(s) and remember (John 6:14). We say HE is a prophet because a prophet speaks from GOD and HE speaks of and from GOD (John 5:19).

But JESUS is more than a reminder of GOD. JESUS is the FACE of GOD (Philippians 2:6; Colossians 1:15; Hebrews 1:3) who came and comes to all Humanity in the standard, order, face and name of GOD, The FATHER (John 5:43).

We Say He Is The CHRIST

We say HE is the CHRIST because GOD revealed this to us (Matthew 16: 16-17), we say HE is the CHRIST because HE is all that the Christ should be; fulfilling all requirements of the one who would save the world (Matthew 5:17). We say HE is the CHRIST because HE says HE is (John 4: 25-26) and we believe because HE is all except lies (John 14:6). We say JESUS is the CHRIST because that is Who HE is – sent from GOD to humanity to save humanity (in order) to meet GOD, the FATHER waiting patiently for the child to come back home (John 3:16; Luke 15:20).

So if you believe that JESUS is just a beggar or an insignificant person, you are not wrong – especially from a manger-birth and carpenter-bred – but you are not fully correct and the same applies to all other views until the point of MESSIAH. It only takes an elevation from one view to the next to see JESUS in HIS full stature – the Messiah.


We say that JESUS is GOD Because HE said so (John 5:19-23) and it is only GOD who can save Humanity by being human (Ephesians 2:8; John 10:7-9; I Timothy 2:5).

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