The Messiah: Myth, Miracle, Man, Master, Menace, Moment and Movement (Part Two)

Bond 249

The Messiah, The Menace:

The Man said HE was equal to GOD – The Son of GOD, the Word at the beginning of human creation, existing before Abraham, existing before the need for salvation was prompted. The Man said HE was going to a place to no one could go with HIM – HE was going to die and choose death to give life. Haha!

The Man said HE was going to build the temple of GOD in three days if they destroyed it. “He, the blasphemy”! Their thoughts yelled.
The Man scattered, was a spoiler, a destroyer of the religions of men – all sacred cows were roasted beef when HE spoke with fire in HIS eyes and brimstone – for words – and suddenly the truth stung deeper than death’s icy fingers.

The Man broke tables, scattered tables, shattered every one of them. “You should not pay to see GOD” HIS actions said. “You should not trade in GOD’s House, you should not trade except it is to trade your old ways of wickedness for a new life in GOD – abundant and free”.

The man said GOD was free; and truly freely free to make all humans free. Free?! That was too expensive a price to pay for tar (the) leaders of greedy Creeds. The man was a menace.
Truth is a menace to the court of lies.
The Messiah was a destroyer, pulling down statutes and status and statues made by men; for men; of men.

To erect the direct vision of GOD, the destruction of GOD’s Knowledge must be destroyed. This was what the menace of the Messiah did.

The Messiah, The Moment

The time-conscious being. At every given moment, the Messiah knew what HE was ordained to do and if tempted otherwise, the “my hour has not come” motto would fly into the air. Don’t judge me but I believe HE lived in moments, every moment counting in continuity with and to the next.

There was a moment of childhood, a flash of years as it seemed; a moment of dedication, a moment of temple-teaching (young as he was), a moment (going) about HIS FATHER’s Business, a moment of denial – baptised as a part of the timeline of righteousness – a moment of temptation, a moment of telling where the thin line between the devil speaking from GOD’s Word and GOD speaking by HIS Word (or Ward if you are interested in special effects).

There was a moment of conversion, a moment of prophecy, a moment of rejection; a moment of teaching, of healing, of restoration; a moment of wonders, walking on waters and shouting in the joy of transfiguration.

There was a moment of betrayal-s, of trial; of wires gorged into HIS skull. A moment of death in the place of skulls. A moment of crucifixion, of death, of depth in hell, of separation, of judgment of hell, of resurrection, annunciation, of ascension. There was always a moment.

A moment of deep connection, a moment of anointing, a moment of fishing, a moment of laughter and crying. There was always a moment of glee and of good fish roasted by the sea’s side. (Who know the Messiah loved seafood so much?) Anyway, there was a moment for it all.

There was a moment of experience, of expedience of competence, of weakness, of finesse, of everything including leaving with a promise to return – stronger than ever. A moment of mansions – prepared in the House of GOD. The Messiah was a man of moments.

The Messiah, The Movement:

If it is not of GOD, it would not stand.

If it was not for GOD, the scared men – unlearned for the most part of their numbers – would not declare to their deaths that the CHRIST had come, gone and would come again. Here you go:

The movement was perhaps stronger at HIS physical departure because HIS spiritual arrival had happened. The movement was not static and when it was, it lived again: spreading like wild fire, burning everything in its path: fear, hate, loneliness, lack, grief, hopelessness, discrimination, war, crime, disease…

The movement was authored by the Hand of GOD like the laws on tablets of stone. What is given by GOD cannot be stricken without GOD.

The movement of The Messiah was one word: salvation.

“We shall call you to repentance and you shall be saved if you believe in the Name and Sacrifice as well as victory of the Saviour, the Messiah”.
That was the message…that should still be the message (above all others).

Yes, the Messiah didn’t come to make you rich or richer. If that was the reason, there would be no need for HIS entry because before HE came, there were richer (wo)men and if you denounce the Messiah, you wouldn’t be any poorer. The Messiah came to save – not your body – but your soul into the ambits of the protective law of love from the CREATOR. The Messiah came to restore the peace of creation to your soul.

Once these are settled, go your (right) way to prosper in health and wealth but never – I repeat; never – at the expense of the sanctuary and sanctity of the salvation of your soul.

The movement of the Messiah was-is to seek and save the lost souls, to be found, to be bound in faith in GOD, to be sound in the knowledge of truth, to be found in the book of eternal life, to be bound only by the freedom of righteousness in GOD. This is the movement of The Messiah.

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