The Voice of The Messiah

BOND 254

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.
Revelation 3:20 NKJV

The Voice of the People Messiah is the Voice of GOD.

It is the harbinger of salvation; the guide to eternal life, the door to peace, the raw expression of love for humanity.

The Voice of the Messiah declares judgement by faith and in truth to evil and condemnation. It is through this Voice that we know when GOD is calling.

GOD calls to us all, at every minute. I reckon sometimes we think it (is) too good to be true or too severe to be a clue or too outright for GOD to do or too bold or in a difficult situation, too calm.

The Voice of the Messiah is the presence of the knowledge of GOD but also the path through which the instruction of GOD comes to us. Because to know GOD and obey GOD is the opium of full and fulfilled life, the Voice of the Messiah brings life to us, gives life to us and leaves life with us.

Like a bleating sheep led to its slaughter

Refusing to refuse the pain of the world on its shoulder

The Voice of the Messiah is gold to anyone who is lost in a tumbling world like ours. To listen to the voice of the one person who knows what they are doing, what we should be doing and how we should be doing what is done is the direct definition of greatness in the face of impending distress.

The Voice of the Messiah is the voice of peace and it is by this voice that we have understanding of what we are.

Like a calm wave moving without surrender

Like the boisterous wind; aware of its sender

The voice of the Messiah is persistent but not violent; it is consistent but not impudent; it is resilient, it is pertinent, it is a commandment to know, obey and to follow.

The Voice of the Messiah is the guide to GOD, the road to GOD. You cannot see GOD unless through this means; you cannot hear from GOD except it is by this means.

The Voice of the Messiah is the shield for those who are eager to remain in the shores of the Most High, saved by HIS Grace. No true follower of GOD can be such unless they are aware of the Voice of the Messiah and follow this voice to an expected end of safety in newness of creation.

Like a cracking bone, sculpted into healing

Or a dying breath brought back from leaving

It is the Voice of the Messiah that stirs the ship, that drives the wheel, that leads the flock, that is the folk which leads to our beginning, that is the rock which is indestructible, that heaves the stock of sin into abyss, forgotten, and is the work of the permanent seal for all our retribution.

The Voice of the Messiah is the law, it is love, it is without flaw(s), it is the call over all humans, it is more and much more than a voice, it is a lifestyle and all those who live it invite GOD into their hearts to steer the sail to wherever it is meant to go to.

The Voice of the Messiah speaks of direction to the lost, ascension from our bodies of dust, fusion between GOD and us; communication for all who accept the crucifixion of the flesh for a resurrection of new life in the spirit.

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