The Sheep, the Lost Sheep and other sheep of the Messiah

BOND 255

In conclusion, The Messiah came to save us all – paying for our salvation – but we, all, did not get to know at once. There was an order of knowledge that we had been saved. There is a sequence of salvation that shows the timely progression of salvation.

The Messiah came from the sheep (Israel), to show them the beauty of their LORD so that in turn (as an evangelical nation), they could reach out to the lost sheep of Israel and ultimately to the other sheep who were not of the fold of the true and living GOD (Gentiles). That’s the order.

He came to save those (who are) aware of (the coming of) salvation, so that those – who are aware – would pass the lofty ideals to those who are lost – off the awareness – who would, in turn, shine the light of this lofty discovery – that GOD in HIS unlimited mercy has stretched out HIS hands to save us from drowning in the wallowing waves of sin and spite by pride – to those who had not known about it or expected it.

The goal is the sheep, the lost sheep, the other sheep.

Even now, the Messiah is still at work. Those who have received this message of salvation – the overcoming life, the joy of redemption, the bloody cross, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the annunciation, the gospel’s declaration, the ascension, the glory, the submission to the order of GOD – and are sheep (hearing the Voice of the Shepherd who is the humble Messiah) should in turn pass this on to those who have once tasted this bounty and turned back due to the thorns of life or – like Peter – due to the boisterous wind causing fear where there is only a need for faith. In as much as the Messiah’s goal is with us we must encourage ourselves in this journey of hope, to never lose our peace nor forget to speak of the Prince of Peace. And then the last target would be those who have never heard of the Messiah, who have neither expected nor believed that the Messiah did the greatest miracle of calling all to repentance for salvation and restoration. To them, who have not confessed and professed then progressed into the presence of GOD, we must tell them, show them and then watch them live in the joy (of obedience) that we have and live in.

No good soul who has discerned good should hide this good from those who hunger to be as good as good can be.

The Messiah is the Man of the sheep, by the lost sheep and for the other sheep.

The focus of the Messiah – humble shepherd and guide – is the sheep, the lost sheep and the other sheep. All sheep would be saved (if they want: accept to be saved), brought to the fold under one guide and true protection and led into the bliss of eternal fellowship with the creator. That’s the aim of salvation.

The aim of salvation is not to have this earth as our world but to live for the world to come which is beyond the ambits of the earth. Faith is living in the present for the future – with a certainty of what is to come. That’s what we have.

To better spell it out, the earth is pale in comparison to the beauty of the world to come: of heaven, of GOD’s Kingdom, of paradise, of a realm of peace.

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